An Azan White, A Toraño Exodus 50th Cigar and I Got Hex’d!

It’s been a busy time in the cigar industry, it seems.  Press releases are flying everywhere, and, although I’m not the guy who has the ability, or the inclination, to post them upon arrival, they did inspire some of my cigar selections this week!  There are several sites I can count on posting a press release shortly after I receive the e-mailed version, and I think that’s great!  I just feel like it would be redundant for me to post it a few days later and I try to keep my content just a little different from everyone else.  That being said, I’m all about promoting the premium cigar industry, so I’ll endeavor to smoke a cigar from a company in the news and link to the relevant press release on one of my esteemed colleagues sites.  Everyone (with some exceptions) loves links, so hopefully this is a winning solution.  Enough of my editorial views, I smoked some cigars this week!


AzanWhite_RobustoThursday evening I selected my last IPCPR sample from Roberto Duran Cigars, an Azan White Robusto.  I had enjoyed the Campaña a while back (here with some back story) and really enjoyed it.  I’m sure glad that I accidentally came by samples at the show, because this is a dynamite cigar.  It’s flavor is smooth and rich and it’s what I look for in a premium cigar.  The construction is also perfect.  I have it on good authority that they are coming out with a Corojo Maduro next, which sounds really interesting. This 4 7/8 x 50 robusto has an Ecuador Corojo wrapper and perhaps it’s the Brazilian Mata Fina in the filler (along with leaf from Jalapa and Esteli) that give it that little something extra that I like.  This is a really nice, refined cigar that would be smokable just about any time of the day.  Another cigar with a “very nice” rating.  The press release I mentioned above can be found posted at Cigar Federation here.


Torano_Exodus50_ToroFriday I cracked open a Toraño 90+ Rated Sampler I received last year from Jack Toraño.  As I am prone to do, I started with the maduro offering, the 93 rated Toraño Exodus 1959 50 Years Toro. This is also the highest rated out of the bunch. Aesthetically, this is a beautiful dark, oily cigar and I really like how the copper colored band looks against the wrapper. Very pretty.  This is a rich, smooth maduro that is another “very nice” cigar.  Burn and draw were spot on and it gave me about an hour and a half of smoking enjoyment.  I’ll continue to smoke through this sampler and report in on the rest of the blends represented, it’s nice to know that this can be purchased for under $25 at a lot of outlets (BCP has them here, shilling for one of my advertisers!).  Toraño announced last week their “Blends From the Vault” tour beginning in February. is one place you can find the press release about the tour.  I was actually having a discussion yesterday with a gentleman in a local lounge about the lack of a big Toraño presence here in south-east PA, and the proprietor of the same shop asked me about Sam Leccia in a separate conversation. Toraños are great smokes and Sam is the hot ticket over the last six months or so, it amazes me a little that the presence is so limited.


hex_figuradoWednesday I posted the press release for National Hex Day, so I hunted down a participating store in my area and took a forty minute drive to Goose’s Tobacco Outlet in Limerick, PA.  I had visited this shop once before and had wanted to visit again anyway, so this gave me an excuse.  I walked in and said “Hex Me” and was presented with a Hex Figurado, and then purchased three more. John, the proprietor, invited me into their members lounge to enjoy my free Hex Figurado. From talking to a couple members there, I came to find that if you spend $20 in the shop you are welcome to enjoy the lounge without a membership. This isn’t generally a problem for me anyway, but I prefer a shop have a public area for patrons to come in and enjoy their purchases. Not everyone buys more cigars than they plan to smoke at one sitting, there may be people who want to come in and buy one cigar and sit and enjoy it in a comfortable setting.  Just one of my pet peeves, and I can’t complain about Goose’s selection or lounge, because it’s not bad and the two times I’ve been there I’ve managed to meet nice people and be accepted, like one finds in many cigar shops.  I’ve smoked the Hex before and enjoyed it quite a bit. The example I smoked yesterday smoked a little on the wet side, and in talking to some other patrons they seemed to have similar issues. I still found it to be delicious, but if I didn’t understand the problem, I may have been put off by the way it smoked. I know the ones I brought home will smoke great after some rest in the humidor (they are in the new Adorini humidor for now). Keep an eye out for Sindicato Cigars, they are doing some pretty interesting things! I also understand that Goose’s is working on bringing a brand to market as well as hosting a festival in the fall.  I’d much rather get Hex’d at Goose’s than Goose’d at Hex’s! I hope some of you went out and got Hex’d yesterday (or goose’d, I’m not judging)!


That’s enough for today, enjoy the day, I understand there might be a game on or something (the Flyers played last night and tomorrow, so I don’t know what other games there might be…). Until the next time,






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7 Responses to An Azan White, A Toraño Exodus 50th Cigar and I Got Hex’d!

  1. Craig

    I saw all kind of “HEX” posts through twitter the other day. Awesome concept and wish I could have been at home to partake. Interesting piece on the Torano line. I was given one as a gift a few months back and thoroughly enjoyed it but never got around to buying anymore. Great posts as always, thoroughly enjoy your postings and content.

  2. Mike in Fla.

    I too got Hexed at Nora’s in Orlando. I went on to Sindicato’s web site, found two purveyors. Nora’s and a chain shop that I refuse to patronize because they pissed me off. Nora was unaware of the Hex event but still gave me a free cigar (at her expense). I purchased 3 more and Nora promised me she would find a way to get me entered for the drawing. Now that’s customer service. BTW the Hex (toro) smoked pretty well. Enjoyed it.

  3. Wished I had gotten Hexed on Saturday! Maybe this Saturday. I’ve kept the Exodus 1959 50 years stocked in my humi since they’ve been produced. It’s usually my go to cigar. I’m glad to hear you enjoy them as well.

  4. Commish

    I’ve always like the Torano Brand and look forward to trying this one.

  5. Patrick

    Torano blends have been hit or miss for me. The exodus 1959/50 is a very nice burn.

  6. George Satterfield

    Still trying to catch up on your reviews. With all the homework I have nowadays I kinda let your stuff stack up by I get to it eventually. You are the only one I read faithfully. Keep up the good work. I wish we could get some shops round here like Goose’s, Private lounges that would give you a days entrance for a fee or $$ spent in the shop. The laws in this state are so messed up..
    Keep up the good work. George.

  7. jjo

    The flavors of the Exodus 50 Years are great, although some of the robustos I’ve had were rolled a bit too tightly. The Vault A-008 in corona gorda is terrific, if a bit flaky in the ash department.

    I would have loved to be able to participate in Hex Day, if only they had a retailer around here. Looking at their website map, it appears the entire area west of the Rockies was shut out.