An Avo, a Six Zero and Transporter Tubes

I don’t have a lot happening so far this week, I’m afraid! There were a couple cigars I smoked that I want to give a second chance to. Based on the experiences I had, I don’t think it would be fair to the brands to say anything at this time. This is generally my modus operandi, I guess that’s why it looks like I always smoke cigars I like. Trust me, I prefer to smoke cigars I like! I’m an optimist, for the most part, and I really want to like everything I smoke, and I hate it when I feel like my time was wasted. I think if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything, so I’ll revisit a couple cigars in the next couple weeks and see how they go!


Avo_LE10Sunday afternoon was beautiful here in SE PA. Temperatures in the 50s melting off the snow, or at least making the piles a little smaller. I took a nice walk with the pup and a cigar I’ve been sitting on for six months, an Avo LE10 that Will Cigar-Coop Cooper sent me. I’ve heard constant raves about this cigar, and my experience with the Avo line is limited to a La Trompeta LE12 that was an OK cigar but burned poorly and didn’t excite my taste buds. I spent a little over an hour and a half with this LE10 and it was a perfectly fine cigar. I guess I just don’t have the palate for these, because I didn’t “get it”. It was good, but didn’t blow me away with the flavor. Some people have expensive tastes, and some people consider a Big Mac a treat I guess, and I fall into the later group. I’d rather have Hamburger Helper than some fancy risotto, so I guess it stands to reason that I lack the sophistication to appreciate such an obviously wonderful cigar. I’m stubborn though, I keep trying! Thanks very much, Will, and I have a couple more from that generous gift you sent that I’m waiting for nicer weather to smoke! If you don’t know of and, check them out. Will’s just about the hardest working man in cigar media, and rumor has it he has a full time job and a family too! I consider Will a good friend.


SixZero_RoboloSunday evening I reached for Hamburger Helper….not really, but a fairly new $3.00 cigar from Best Cigar Prices.  The Six-Zero line is all 60 ring gauge cigars made by the folks at Boutique Blends.  Of course, we know that name from the Aging Room and Swag lines of cigars.  I got some of the Robolo size, which is 4½” x 60, and am really enjoying them.  The well aged San Andrés wrapper is very tasty and the cigar is well made. I actually enjoy the short, fat format. Call it a guilty pleasure, but I find myself not minding a 60 ring cigar, and the shorter varieties tend to fit my schedule better than the longer ones.  Anyway, these are tasty, dark chocolaty cigars that are well worth the money. I could actually smoke these regularly, if I were one to regularly smoke anything!


I recently received an e-mail from a new reader named Kevin,  who is making some pretty neat looking travel tubes. He’s got an Indigogo campaign going to raise some start up costs and offering these tubes as perks for contributing.  I should be seeing a prototype next week, but they look well done and I liked the looks of it enough to kick start his campaign with a contribution, I can use a nice aluminum tube!  Give it a look at and  I often try to think of something I could make that people would think is neat and want, but I guess I’m just not that creative.  Certainly there are other tubes on the market, some cheap and some way more expensive, but these look darned nice.  He seems to be making them for Churchill sized cigars, which, in my mind, should accommodate several normal sizes.  I wish Kevin the best!


Short one tonight, I’ll see what I can come up with for Sunday’s post!  Until then,









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5 Responses to An Avo, a Six Zero and Transporter Tubes

  1. Craig

    Sometimes you just need to kick back with a sure thing.

  2. Commish

    Still -25 in Wisconsin and haven’t had a cigar in 2 weeks!!! I’m dying to read about all the great smokes. SEND SUN AND WARM WEATHER!

  3. Hey buddy Looks like you had an up and down week of smoking. I have had a couple Avos in my day and thought they were all pretty good. Not sure if the Price matches the product but I’m a simple man. Love the cigar tubes neat idea.

  4. JScott

    The transporter tubes look awesome! I wish I had $ to invest in the project.

  5. Thanks Craig! Always value our friendship!

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