AJ Fernandez Last Call Cigar and a CONTEST!

AJF_Last CallOver the last couple days I’ve been smoking the newest cigar from AJ Fernandez, the Last Call.  The Last Call is 4½ x 48 and was originally made exclusively for Abdel Fernandez in small batches to enjoy at home with guests during the fourth quarter of late night NFL games.  This cigar falls into their new “Portfolio Series”. They will be packaged in a 25-count box and the blend is Habano Rosado wrapper from Ecuador, with a Nicaraguan binder and Nicaraguan fillers grown on AJ’s farms. These will be a brick and mortar exclusive. I smoked the first one on Monday, and I put a second one in my pocket expecting my evening walk to outlast the cigar. I was wrong, the cigar burned for well over an hour. It starts off quite strong, a little powerhouse, but by the midpoint it settled into a smooth, right smoke, with some creaminess and a hint of licorice here and there. Maybe it’s the covered foot that provides that blast of strength, but it takes an inch or so to mellow out, so that theory doesn’t hold water. This is a great little smoke, and the cigar burned perfectly and, as I  mentioned before, burned much longer than I expected.  I suspect these will be released in the next few months, if not at the IPCPR show, but I’m sure they will be on retailers shelves by football season. These are currently appearing on retailers shelves and are priced in the $5 range.


AJFPrizeI  found myself overburdened with AJ Fernandez swag and samples, so let’s have a contest!  We’re back to the usual rules, leave a comment here, on this post, for an entry, and I’ll select a winner by random on Sunday, May 8, 2016.  The prize pack will be made up of a 5-pack of the Last Call cigars, an AJ Fernandez cap, and an AJ Fernandez pewter ashtray.  Must be of legal smoking age to win, and the winner must e-mail me with their address or I will hunt them down!


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83 Responses to AJ Fernandez Last Call Cigar and a CONTEST!

  1. This is not a bad deal at all, thanks for always having great content and contests

  2. mike mccain

    Great giveaway Craig, with an AJ I have not yet had…cheers

  3. Joshua K

    Thanks for the awesome swag AJ Fernandez and thank you CigarCraig for this contest!

  4. Anthony

    I’ve never had one but would love to try one.

  5. Bob Borgeson

    Thanks Craig! I love AJ’s stuff, so I’d be glad to take the swag off your hands.

  6. Ricky

    AJ Fernandez is always at the top of the list! Looking forward to trying the “Last Call.”

  7. Matt Ross

    I thought the Last Call was great – going to be great this winter!

  8. Very awesome have yet to try that one out

  9. Derek Carpenter

    Love the blog! Keep up the great work!

  10. Awesome contest Craig! Lucky Number 4 Rite Here!

  11. bradfromtampa

    Last call is amazing!

  12. Mike Hanna

    I wanna try these bad boys. I really enjoy your blog Craig. Keep up the good work.

  13. Gary Fritz

    The smoking lamp is now lit!

  14. I would just love t have this ashtray!!! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  15. Texican8

    I love AJF cigars! Thanks for the opportunity Craig!

  16. Brian Impson

    C’mon 17. I like the looks of that ashtray. Thanks Craig.

  17. Mike Perry

    Gee, I never had one of those…

  18. Adrian Quick

    Looks great!

  19. Jody Hateley

    Love pretty much everything AJF has touched.

  20. Patrick

    I always look forward to Aj’s next release. Sounds like a cigar right in my strike zone. I’m in!
    Life is good.

  21. If I can get past that initial blast, they sound great. I dig creamy in a smoke and the size is great. Thanks again for another great contest.

  22. Rolanbishop

    Sweet. Another AJF stick to try. That prize would make a oerfect bday gift for me on the 11th!!

  23. I’m new to your site as of today. It was a nice surprise that the first post I read has a give a way! Thank you!

  24. Always been a big fan, Strong and bold is right up my alley!

  25. Perietta Migranté

    crossing my fingers! thx very much for the contest, Craig!

  26. Zeegarboy

    I really enjoy all of AJs smokes. Would love to give one a try…..or 5!

  27. George

    Brilliant! Great contest! Thank you!

  28. Vernon E. Warner, Jr.

    Huge fan of AJ Fernandez, looking forward to trying a new offering from them.

  29. Howard Glaeser

    Great contest, love me some AJ!

  30. mark wagner

    Always great opportunities here. Thanks.

  31. Joseph Sarreal

    Great contest Craig. AJ can do no wrong!

  32. Good review Good contest and I can’t wait to try the stick.

  33. Thanks for an awesome contest! I would totally rock the hat! And, would love the cigars and ashtray!

  34. chris Dougherty

    thank you for the chance

  35. Chris S

    Excellent! I love AJF cigars!

  36. Mike

    I’m a big AJ fan! Thanks for another great contest!

  37. Jeff Ketcham

    New cigars to me, also great looking swag! Thanks.

  38. Matthew Denico

    always enjoy your blogs

  39. Gary

    Thanks for the contest! Like that ashtray!

  40. Looks delish…Would love to try.

  41. Steve C

    Would love to try them. Thanks for the great reviews and contests.

  42. Dan B

    A cinco cigar pack for Cinco de Mayo…what more can you ask for?

  43. Tom Lindner

    AJF makes some great cigars!

  44. Tommy D

    Thanks for the contest Craig

  45. Craig is at it again with some goodies from AJ. In my opinion anything he makes has been great. Thanks for the chance and good luck everyone

  46. Gary Walston

    Garywalston1@aol.com Love Craig and his contest

  47. Marco Lebron

    I’m an A.J. fan! May 8 is my 34th marriage anniversary. hint,hint! (Thanks for the giveaway! )

  48. Sweet cigar and prize package…good luck to all!

  49. Lee Sorensen

    The A.J. line has quickly become one of my favorite!
    A golf buddy introduced them to me, and I am glad he did.
    Thanks to Craig for the contest and all the great information he provides in his News letter.
    I have found tons of great smokes from Craig’s recomendations

  50. Duane Holmes

    Last Call sounds tasty and the price sure is right. Gotta start looking out for ’em. Thanks Craig!

  51. Commish

    I guess it’s win this or Powerball!!! Thanks.

  52. A few friends of mine were in Nicaragua a month ago and they got to sample this cigar and said it was a really great cigar especially for the price point it will be coming out at

  53. Czerbe

    I would love to try these

  54. Craig

    Great contest and a beautiful ashtray. Win or lose Ill keep my eye out for these, I have really enjoyed stuff from the AJF Lineups.

  55. Charlie Hascall

    That would be an awesome birthday present, great timing…May 10th 😀
    I’ve been looking for these at online vendors but none I frequent have them yet. Again, thanks Craig…your always very generous and I look forward to the killer birthday present lol

  56. Ken Fellenstein

    Would love to ty these. Love the New World for the price point also.

  57. lonniemarci1991

    I just heard about the AF Last Call a few days ago and it sounded really nice, so here is hoping for a win! Thanks for the contest Craig!

  58. Karl

    Sounds like a nice spur of the moment cigar.

  59. Dan Colley

    I really like that particular size cigar. I’ve been smoking the 7-20-4 “Dogwalker” these days … perfect size for taking the dog out for a walk and not having to take a 1 hour walk !!! I got into that stick for two reasons. First, the size is perfect for me. It fits my time frame for daily smokes. The most time I have for a cigar during my work day is about 30 minutes max and this is a great size for that period of time. Second, it has that Brazilian Mata Fina leaf in it and I really fell hard for that leaf. I would hope that the Fernandez stick will fall into that same category. AJ has hit the nail on the head when it comes to some of his newer releases.

  60. Donald Santos

    I love AJ Fernandez cigars and seeing the 4th was my birthday this would be a great belated Birthday present

  61. I just got into the AJ stuff after having bad luck a few times. So, sign me up!

  62. Brian Singer

    Sounds Good! I’ll have try then.

  63. Bryan

    I’m a big fan of smaller ring cigars.

  64. Freakboy791

    Love most of the AJF cigars. Thanks Craig for putting up yet another contest.

  65. Joe Canez

    Thanks Craig for another awesome contest hope I win!!!

  66. Ed Schulz

    I never win…but there is always a chance

  67. Swede214

    As always, thanks Craig, and AJ cigars. Great prize!

  68. Pedro heredia

    Awesome contest, thank you for the opportunity

  69. paul1954

    that is one awesome ashtray! Looks like a nice hat, too.

  70. Emmoacho

    Oh wow AJ is hustling those cigars left and right, who doesn’t mind a 5pack and ashtray w/ hat

  71. Maineiac

    Perfect size for my morning commute. Thanks for the contest.

  72. Jason Gross

    Thank you for a great opportunity and a great contest. I need a good ashtray and havent got to try the AJF last call yet! Fingers crossed.

  73. Love that you’re keeping this up, Craig. So many of my friends’ good blogs languish.

    Maybe if I keep reading/commenting, I’ll win, one of these days. 😉

  74. Jerry

    I’m in. Thanks Craig!

  75. Tim Brannon

    Craig, thanks for the tip some great and affordable smokes!

  76. Tim

    Love AJs smokes!

  77. Tim S

    Sounds like a great smoke, and another great contest.

  78. George

    Another great read! I am NOT entering the contest – I won your Gotham contest and want someone else to win your goodies! I agree that AJ sneaks some extra-atomic ligero in the first inch – and then the rest of the cigar is, well, uniform.

  79. Scott Wilson

    Thanks for another great contest!