A Tortuga Event, a Tatuaje and a San Cristobal

Thursday evening Victor Vitale had whiskey\espresso and cigar tasting event at Cigar Mojo. Of course, it’s not hard to convince me to pay Mojo a visit,  and when someone of Victor’s stature is there it’s a no-brainer.  Upon arrival I immediately purchased a handful of the Tortuga 215 Reserva Coyote Negro in the 600 and Belicoso sizes. I promptly lit up a 600, which is 6½” x 56, a reasonably large cigar.  Obviously, the Tortuga line is one I’ve enjoyed over the years. Victor is a good friend, and we are lucky to have him living in the area. Over the course of the evening I enjoyed the heck out of the Coyote Negro, as well as an original 215 Reserva Alma box pressed robusto. The Brazilian Mata Fina wrapper on the Coyote ads a great sweetness that I love. The Reserva Alma (5″ x 54, named after my grandmother…not really…) I smoked was truly exceptional, well balanced, refined and delicious. Victor was offering whiskey and espresso, I had two espressos over the course of the evening which went well with both cigars I smoked. Victor’s Legacy Brands is making some great cigars, if you have a Tortuga Appointed Merchant in your area, give this line a try.



Tatuaje_Black_CoronaGordaFriday I had a bit of a trying day, forgetting my wallet, having a migraine that would revisit me several times during the weekend…that sort of thing.  I stopped by the Lightn’Up/CigarCigars shop on my way home and said hello to Chris Stone, who was having a Drew Estate event at the shop.  Without a wallet I was able to resist the urge to buy any more cigars, and with the migraine I was anxious to get home, medicate and eat dinner. After doing that and recovering a little, I took a walk with a Tatuaje Black Corona Gorda which was a gift from a gentleman I met at the Casa de Montecristo in Chicago on my recent visit.  Connor was a gracious host while I visited the lounge there, many thanks for this beautiful cigar!  This cigar in the classic 5 5/8″ x 46 corona gorda size has a closed foot and a fuma style cap.  I rather expected a more “Cubanesque” experience from this, I got a pure Nicaraguan flavor bomb.  This may have been one of the best Tatuaje cigars I’ve smoked, which isn’t say a lot since I haven’t smoked all that many.  Very full flavored and well made. This is a great size, I wish it had been longer.


SanCristobal_Revelation_LegendSaturday afternoon I took a walk with the dog and a San Cristobal Revelation Legend.  This cigar came from the Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival goodie bag. The Legend is a 6 1/8″ x 52 Box Pressed Toro made in the My Father factory for Ashton Distributors. This uses the same wrapper as the Ashton VSG, and is a full flavored, spicy cigar. The band is beautiful as is the overall appearance of the cigar. I found this to be very enjoyable and wonder why it took me over a year to sample this line.  Highly recommended if you like full bodied cigars.


On a related note, this morning we had an oracle come to the house to “smudge” or burn sage and give a traditional native american blessing to the house to encourage it to sell.  We are settling on a house on Friday and life will be easier by several orders of magnitude when the house we are currently living in sells. One of the things Maxx, our oracle friend, asked was if we had any loose tobacco around so that she could bless the property outside. Oddly, I happened to have saved the outside leaves from the Leaf by Oscar cigars. She shredded the leaves and spread them around the periphery of the yard. She kindly sent me the following explanation:

Semah, or tobacco, is one of the four sacred plants. It represents the Eastern Direction and the mind a place of new beginnings. The Anishinaabe use a form of tobacco known as kinikinik, or a red willow mix. Because it opens the door to the creator, when tobacco is used to make smoke, it is one of the most sacred of plants for Native people. Some elders say that tobacco is used to connect the worlds since the plant’s roots go deep into the earth, and its smoke rises high into the sky. This plant is highly respected and highly honored. Giving tobacco is a beautiful way of our people. Ceremonies using tobacco invoke a relationship with the energies of the universe, and ultimately the Creator, and the bond made between earthly and spiritual realms is not to be broken.


Traditional Use
Itis wise to burn tobacco before storms. It is used to pray that powerful storms won’t hurt our families. To pray with tobacco in your Native language is very powerful. It can make a difference in the physical world.


Tobacco is used in the offering of prayer to the Creator, acting as a medium for communication. It is either offered to the fire, so the smoke can lift the prayers to the Creator, or it is set on the ground in a nice, clean place. It means we come humbly to our creator. We proclaim our innocence. When you want to speak to the creator, we are told to make an offering of the tobacco plant.An Elder will take tobacco ties and offer them to the fire or offer it back to Mother Earth on behalf of the Sacred Circle


I have been burning tobacco here for some time now, and I thought it was for my pleasure, but it seems to have a deeper meaning. Hopefully the house sells soon!


That’s it for now, until the next time,






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  1. Mike Perry

    You need to send that reference to the FDA. And then have the oracle throw a curse on them.

  2. KRUK

    VV in the house!!! Love how you took a picture of the CN in front of the $33 Padrons!!! =)

  3. Dan Colley

    What an interesting article about the Native Americans and their use of tobacco and sage in purification rituals !!! I purchase a particular brand of cigars whose boxes are packed in loose long leaf tobacco instead of plastic and have often wondered what to do with the tobacco. Now I know. Very interesting and very entertaining. Thanks for sharing that with us. Now I need to find an oracle. They don’t advertise down here, although there is a Seminole tribe that resides just south of Gainesville.

    You tossed another one into my wheel house: San Cristobal. I just recently was gifted with one of the Revelation Legends and thought it to be an exceptional cigar. Now that I know that the wrapper is the Ashton VSG leaf, I know why I liked it so much !!! I have some Tres Mystiques in my box as well. A certain Doctor in Ward B got me hooked on those little beauts. In addition, I routinely have some of the Classics in my humidor: A personal favorite.

    As always an informative and entertaining column. Thanks for your hard work.

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