A Sindicato, a Dunhill, a Debonaire and a Cigar Contest

I finally got around to putting some contest goodies together.  Some of the cigars were some spare samples, and some were ones I bought and enjoy quite a bit. More on that at the end of the post, maybe folks will read to the end, some may scroll down. If you scroll down, you might miss reading about some of the cigars I’ve smoked so far this week.


Sindicato_CoronaGordaMonday evening I picked out a new cigar from Sindicato Cigars. These guys are a little different than other manufactures. Jim Colucci is the president of the company, and he comes from many years at the helm of Altadis, probably the largest cigar company on the planet. The company is made up of a bunch of retailers across the country, so they have a unique perspective of what sells in tobacco shops and what consumers want. Last year they came out with the Hex and Affinity, along with the very inexpensive Casa Bella.  I’ve smoked all three and they are very nice smokes. This latest offering, the Sindicato, is at the high end of the price range, running from $10.95 to $13.95 and are made by the folks at Casa Fernandez with Aganorsa tobacco.  I smoked the Corona Gorda, a 5½” x 48 cigar with a nice pigtail and partially closed foot.   I really enjoyed this cigar, it was lush and meaty and loaded with delicious tobacco flavor. It burned perfectly and was a very satisfying smoke.  Thanks to Yoffy for sending these along.


Dunhill1907_BoxPressedToroTuesday I selected another new cigar, this one from General Cigar Co. This is the Dunhill 1907 Box Pressed Toro, measuring 6″ x 54 with a Honduran Olancho wrapper. The wrapper is wrapper mottled, not at all what I expected from a Dunhill, as they are generally beautiful cigars. The rest of the cigar is Dominican and Brazilian Mata Fina.  It was a nice smoke, although I think a few more months in the humidor will benefit it. I received two, so I’ll revisit it in a few months. It was medium bodied, and had a nice flavor, reminiscent of the CAO OSA Sol, which has a similar wrapper (although I think the OSA Sol’s wrapper was prettier). It had similar bright tobacco sweetness that I enjoy from time to time. This was a nice smoke, I look forward to smoking it again after a long rest in the humidor.


Debonaire_SagitaTonight I smoked a Debonaire Sagita petite lancero.  The reason I grabbed this one is a little less than debonair, I’m afraid.  Phil Zanghi is the man behind the brand. He developed the Indian Tabac line back in the ’90s and sold it to Rocky Patel. I’ve heard him on at least two podcasts describe this cigar as a 5½ x 48, which I knew was wrong. It’s a 38 ring gauge (I measured it), although I would have loved this in a corona gorda size. This is an ultra premium cigar, it even states it on the band. Another feature of the band was on the inside, where it has the box date,  which was July of 2013 (this was an IPCPR show sample).  The blend isn’t listed specifically, but they use high priming, excellent quality tobaccos, and are rolled with great care. The cigar was exceptional, it was meaty, like prime rib, and burned perfectly. It had a nice little pigtail cap too. I put a very small nub in the ashtray when I was done.  I would almost say this would be worth the nearly $10 price tag, if I wasn’t such a cheap SOB.  Worth trying if you have the opportunity.



OK, it’s been over 5 months since I had a contest.  Sorry about that, but after the December contests I guess I got a little burned out. So here is the prize.




There are 15 cigars, including some special cigars from La Sirena (including a Merlion Sea Lion and a La Sirena Dubloon, which are very limited), a couple Alec Bradleys, a couple of the New Partagas 1845 offerings, and some of the house brands from Best Cigar Prices. There’s a few other cigars in there that I enjoy too.  Also a CAO cap (had to include a CAO concert to go with along with it), a Nomad S-307 and a Foundry Compounds, Elements and Musings Vanadium from the box I bought a few months ago. There’s a nice La Gloria Cubana tube too (now I have to find a La Gloria to throw in). A little something for everyone, I can’t imagine anyone complaining. So leave a comment to enter. Feel free to Tweet and share, but only the comments on this post will count. Good luck, and I’ll select a winner on Sunday!


That’s it, until the next time,






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47 Responses to A Sindicato, a Dunhill, a Debonaire and a Cigar Contest

  1. Looks like a nice little prize to me!

  2. That’s a nice selection, Bro. Would love to have it in my humidor. Thanks for the contest!

    • George Satterfield

      Hope you are doing good. I hope you are going to get another pup, I would be lost without my “Annie.” Those were some very nice smokes you got there. $10 for a 5.5 x 38 must of been onehellofa cigar. I have been smoking more smaller ring gauge cigars lately. It’s nice to be able to take a break form school to say hi. That is a very nice prize pack you got there. Always wanted to try a La Serena but just never get around to getting some or forgetting. Keep up the good work and keep it real.

    • lena adams

      it’s so beautiful to have a contest to enter you get to win a great selection and possibly find a few you would like to purchase!thanks for the opportunity!

  3. Miguel

    This is a great selection that will make any humidor look nice. Just reading this makes me want to get out of bed and light one up.

  4. Swede214

    Thank You so much for a great number of cigars, this is a really nice contest, thanks Craig.

  5. Randall Simon

    Nice selection. Thanks for the contest.

  6. Mm very sweet giveaway

  7. Thanks for the trio reviews and your daily walk posts on Facebook. It is great to have a mid year contest as well with some excellent choices!

  8. KRUK

    Sounds good Craig. Trying to plan a trip to see VV at some point this summer. Should get together!

  9. Jesus C

    Thanks for the contest, I also keep hearing about the debonaire line, I can’t find them locally or online, I’ll keep my eyes open, they sound awesome

  10. jjo

    As always, Craig does the “anti-weasel”!

    I’d really like to get my hands on some of the Sindicato lines.

  11. Agent 86

    Great reviews as always. However, I’m more curious about finding a Casa Bella.
    My good throwaway cigar right now is the Cuban Reject from Ventura. It kind of works like a Ventura second. Fairly decent with a little bit of a taste issue on the end. Plus the wrappers have tended to crack.

  12. David Wisniewski

    15 cigars – thats a good start for the weekend

  13. When I used to smoke cigarettes, I’d occasionally pick up a carton of Dunhills during international flights. They were much better than the Marlboro’s I’d regularly smoke. For some reason though, I never thought about smoking a Dunhill cigar (probably cuz I’m a cheap SOB too!).

  14. Chris McCann

    Great selection, Craig. Thanks for the contest!

  15. Dan Colley

    There are some sticks in the prize package that I’ve been wanting to sample, but alas, samples are not generally available. VERY nice selection.
    That Sindicado appears to be a real treat !!!

  16. Great reviews, thanks for the contest!

  17. can’t wait to see you revisit the dunhill 1907, will have to get an osa to try. glad to see you having another contest. have a good memorial day

  18. Kevin Shahan

    I believe I have enough room in my humidor for all of those.

  19. Freakboy791

    Thanks Craig. Count me in!

  20. Zeegar

    Another great contest…..please put my name (number) in the hat (random drawer)!

  21. jay

    craig is it sunday yet?

  22. Lonnie Brooks

    Wow, what a prize pack., I would love to win these!!!! Also I appreciate the info on the company Sindicato, it fits! Blessings!

  23. Commish

    The weather has finally turned and getting in some serious smoke’s in Wisconsin. Thanks for the contest!

  24. Don Kozerow

    Nice reviews, great contest

  25. Me likey my friend……

  26. Nice selection. Love the hat.

  27. Matt Ross

    Nice job on a contest as always, Craig.

  28. Patrick

    I have had some pings on my radar for that sindicato for awhile now. I guess I’ll have to pull trigger on a fiver, for I love a good meaty burn. However I get out of my comfort zone after 8$, and rarely spend over 10$
    Nice bunch of sticks in the giveaway. The la serina’s I havent had. The nomad s307 is one of my favs. I love the 1845 oscuro, and Bcp has good house blends. The Eterno maduro stands out from Bcp. And finally you can’t go wrong burning an Alec Bradley. Thanks Craig for the contest and sharing your burn.

  29. smoke770

    nice selection. Thanks!

  30. KOPTim

    Nothing like a good contest. You know I still haven’t made it to Cigar Mojo and I’m 5 min away. Now that the smoking weather is good, may not make it until next winter. Maybe we’ll see ya then !
    Tim in KOP

  31. foozer6976

    nice contest, hope I win !!!

  32. Great looking prize package. We would be happy to donate something to a contest.

  33. Stefan Lindblad

    prize looks great! Any idea where to find the Debonaire? That little guy looks like it’d be right in my wheel-house.

  34. thanks for the contest.

  35. Craig

    Nice work. Looks like another good week of cigars.

  36. Outstanding. Thanks again for another great contest.

  37. TriMarkC

    Hey Craig – nice reviews! I’d love to try the La Sirenas and the new Foundrys. Take care and hope you have a great, long weekend!

  38. Thechris213

    Good looking array of sticks. Thank you!

  39. Kevin shahan

    I finally got around to clicking the CRA link and I contacted my state senators. I am lucky enough to have representatives that are against any increases in any taxes on cigars. Thanks for the info.

  40. Adrian Quick

    Very nice assortment. I really enjoyed the Vandium you sent through to me. Very enjoyable smoke with a very unusual shape!

  41. George Maitland

    A chance at free cigars! I’m in.

  42. Duane Holmes

    Dang! Hope I ain’t too late to win.