A Room 101, a Cuenca 5 Anniversary and Some News

I’ve been taking a little break from cigars since it’s been so bitterly cold out and I haven’t felt like freezing my tuckus off.  Friday I finally said enough is enough and grabbed a cigar to take for a walk in the snow with the dog.  One good thing about snow when the temps have been so low is that it tends to be very powdery and doesn’t require a lot of effort to shovel. It didn’t hurt that we only got about an inch.  This was my kind of snow storm!


Room101_SA_213So, after last weeks discussion about gloves and cigar sizes, I figured I’d try a corona.  I figured it had sufficient length to handle with gloves, yet is small enough that it wouldn’t take two hours to smoke.  A few weeks ago I bought a couple of Room 101 San Andreas  213, which is a 5.5 x 44 corona. I really like this size, and when it’s cold and I haven’t had a cigar in a few days I typically reach for a San Andreas wrapper. Out of all the Room 101 lines, this one is, by far, my favorite. It’s rich and flavorful and perfectly constructed. I had just received a Screwpop Cigar Punch which i used with excellent results. The punch is a little larger than the one I’ve had, which was the perfect size for the corona. I also successfully opened a bottle of ginger brew with it! Anyway, I love this line of cigars, I know I’m in for a treat when I light one up. They are pretty fairly priced at around $5.50  which  appeals to my inner cheap bastard.


Cuenca_5AnniversarySaturday was a pretty nice day with temps climbing into the 20s so I decided to go large. Cuenca Cigars in Hollywood, Florida is celebrating their 5 year anniversary and are marking that milestone with a cigar made for them by AJ Fernandez, the Cuenca 5 Anniversary. This is a huge 7″x 54 box pressed torpedo that’s got a beautiful dark wrapper. This is normally far too large a cigar for outdoor winter smoking, but it’s funny how balmy the 20s feels after several days in the teens! This was a very enjoyable smoke, I smoked it to a finger burning/freezing nub.  Well balanced, nice little spice in the flavor and perfectly built.  This is a nice cigar, and I really look forward to smoking another one when it’s warmer and I can really relax and enjoy it.  Check out the press release for Cuenca Cigars Anniversary celebration here, and more information about the Cuenca 5 Anniversary cigar here.



I receive press releases all the time and some of my peers do a great job of posting them on their sites almost immediately.  I think that’s great, and I appreciate it.  Personally, I don’t have the ability to react that quickly and generally choose not to post them as opposed to repeating what others have done already.  We all have our little niches that make us different from one another.  That being said, once in a while I come across something interesting that I haven’t seen elsewhere.

I received a request from a gentleman named Hugo Melo, the president of Hispaniola Cigars, asking me to post his press release.  The press release can be found here, as well as other news outlets. According to the press release: “The Taino aborigines of the Dominican Republic attributed spiritual qualities to smoking tobacco during their ancient rituals. It was believed that smoking the tobacco leaf would elevate them to “Turei,” translated literally as “Heaven.” Hispaniola Cigars is proud to announce that in January 2013, the spiritual experience of the Tainos will be resurrected by Turei Cigars.” I haven’t heard of Hispaniola Cigars myself, and they seem to be based nearby in North Joisey. I’ll keep an eye out for them.

In other news, I’d like to welcome StogieBoys.com to the CigarCraig.com family of supporters.  They are offering a deal if you sign up for their mailing list.  They will send you three cigars and a V-cutter if you sign up to get e-mails ($4.99 to cover shipping, so really you are getting the 3 cigars for $5, quite a fair deal!).  I’ve been working with these folks for quite a while and have been a customer as well and they are a class act. You may recall that they started out the 12 Spectacular Days of Cigar Giveaways strong with a nice prize pack, and we’re already working on an upcoming giveaway.


That’s about all I have for today.  It looks like temps will be climbing into the 30s today, so I may have to find something interesting to smoke before the 6:00 Flyers/Tampa Bay game!  Hopefully the Flyers didn’t use up all their goals last night.


Until the next time,






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5 Responses to A Room 101, a Cuenca 5 Anniversary and Some News

  1. The Commish

    The Cuenca looks good. Thanks.

  2. you speak of smoking outdoors frequently. i share that pain, as between december and march i’m usually out on my balcony sitting in front of a heater. but i live in canada and there’s a nation-wide smoking ban.

    doesn’t PA allow you to smoke in shops?

    • PA does allow smoking in shops, and I do try to get to my local shops from time to time. It’s not something I do too often for a number of reasons. I have a lot of cigars that need smoking at home, I can’t seem to buy just one cigar when I’m at a shop, and the dog doesn’t get the exercise she needs (nor do I!).

  3. I, on the other hand, do not receive PR from the companies…mostly, it’s go away you’re bothering us.
    You are absolutely right about the San Andres. Great cigar and through your prompt, I need to get some. Thanks. My wife says screw you.
    Cuenca sent me a couple of their Anniversary stick and I’ve been dying to smoke it and review it.
    Tomorrow is the day. I had no idea that Fernandez was the blender.
    You are just a wonderful source of info. Of course, now I need to research it. Bastardo!

  4. czerbe

    Craig hope all is well buddy, I had two stick this weekend at my Local B&M but this weather doesn’t allow for much outside time. I to enjoy a good walk and a smoke with the dog.. although my dog is more of a wimp than I am not going out in this weather. Enjoy