A Reyes Family Cigars Weekend – Sunday, May 16, 2010

I did something unusual for me, I smoked a bunch of the same cigars in a row. I found myself with a handful of Puros Indios Viejo Media Coronas and smoked about 3 of them in a row.  For the price, these are terrific cigars, and at  5½” x 45 is one of my favorite sizes.  These are touted as well aged cigars with a 10 year old Ecuador Sumatra wrapper and filler from the DR, Nicaragua and Brazil.  They burn pretty well with a good draw and a nice flavor.  I remember back in the boom years Puros Indios were known for having a tight draw,  I recall having one that was a really great tasting cigar, but it was like smoking a wooden dowel it was so tight.  Clearly this problem no longer exists. I smoked 2 of them during the excellent Flyers win over the Bruins.

I figured since I was on a Puros Indios kick, I’d fire up a Reyes Family Cigars Premier Gordo that I got at the IPCPR show back in 2008.  This is a big  perfecto, 6″ x 60 ring gauge at it’s largest point.  The  maduro Ecuador Sumatra wrapper is rustic, not the prettiest thing, but quite tasty and the shape is just amazing.   It’s burn wasn’t dead even, but didn’t take anything away from the experience.  I’m a reasonably fast smoker, but this cigar seemed to last forever.  I think I smoked this for over an hour and a half.  It was medium bodied and tasty.  Not a bad cigar at all and a good one to follow the Puros Indios Viejos I had smoked earlier.   Except for a few more of the Viejos, I think I’ve exhausted my supply of Reyes Family Cigars.  What ever happened to the 18″ x 66 Puros Indios Chief?

In The News:

I came across a really neat site for all you blog junkies to bookmark: http://www.cigarosphere.com/ .  This is a cool page that has an  excerpt from a ton of different blogs all on one page.  They have graciously added the CigarCraig..com blog to the site, despite the fact that they state that they trying to aggregate QUALITY blogs. It’s neat to be able to see a whole bunch of different blogs on one site.  Keep up the great work guys!

Please keep up with http://www.cigarrights.org/ as the FDA starts looking at ways to screw up out enjoyment of cigars.  Don;t be afraid to write to your representatives when you hear about possible injustices where cigars are concerned.  The folks at CRA are doing great things to protect our rights, I urge you to support them.

Oops, I almost forgot!

I keep forgetting to mention that last week I enjoyed the Vegas de Santiago Don Luis Secretos de Maestro Canionazo that DJ sent me.  It was another very nice cigar which burned well and had a pleasing flavor. Vegas de Santiago deserves more notoriety than they receive.  They produce a very nice product and are always very willing to sponsor events when asked.    I’m sorry that things got a little busy around here and I kinda forgot to mention it in my last post.  I truly appreciate the opportunity to  try these cigars, thank you sir!  I still have a Vegas de Santiago in a wooden tube somewhere in the bottom of the coolerdor that’s about 5 years old that I need to exhume and smoke.

Also, Joel Scott, winner of the box of 5 Liga Privada‘s, was kind enough to send me a couple pictures of the opened box, since I resisted the temptation to open them before shipping them out. You may drool now, and remember that I just may have more of these for future prizes, as well as a bunch of other goodies!  Keep checking back, the cats are looking forward to the next contest video!  Testimonials from past winners are always welcome.

That’s about all I have for now, until next time,

CigarCraig (GO FLYERS!)


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