A Namakubi, a Guillermo Leon and a Liga Privada

Sunday was a beautiful day, and we had plans to attend our grand-daughter’s first birthday party at my daughter’s house.  After I finished publishing Sunday’s installment, I had just enough time to relax in the sunshine with a cigar.  This was one of those circumstances where the cigar selection is very important, too large a cigar and there’s not enough time to finish.  Fortunately, I had picked up a couple small Room 101 Namakubis a few weeks back at an event at one of the local shops.  I selected the Roxxo for the morning smoke and it was terrific.  It’s a 4″ x 48 stubby robusto, made in the Camacho factory, a Ecuador Habano wrapper around Honduran and Dominican fillers.  Such a great size for an hour in the sunshine on a Sunday morning with a cuppa joe.  It had just the right balance of spice and sweetness.  Really a nice little cigar, I think I liked it better than it’s little bro, the Papi Chulo.  Two thumbs up.


Monday was actually my grand-daughter’s birthday, and we had such fun watching her at her party digging into her cake!  You may recall, a year ago I celebrated her birth at the Wooden Indian in the town where my daughter lives with Guillermo Leon himself.  I had picked up a couple of his Guillermo Leon Signature Corona Gordas and decided that it would be the perfect cigar to mark the occasion. A year of age hasn’t hurt this particular example, it was a tasty smoke.  I love the 6″ x 47 size of these and it burned very nicely.  While I don’t generally gravitate toward the flavor profile that comes out of the La Aurora factory, I certainly need to re-think that, because I’m enjoying more and more cigars that come from there,  and have always had a soft spot for them.  It goes back to my first box of cigars being La Aurora Bristol Especiales, purchased largely because my daughter’s name is Aurora.  I will always try cigars from La Aurora based on that small fact, and I’ll always find something to enjoy about the experience.  Always well made, and the Guillermo Leon Signature will forever remind me of the day my first grand child was born.


Tuesday evening turned out to be a nice, warm spring evening, so I felt like digging into my dwindling supply of Liga Privada cigars, and came up with a T52 Robusto.  I probably purchased this at an event a few years ago, so it was not without a bit of age.  I love it when a cigar is perfectly flat when you tap off the ash.  It’s a testament to the blender that he can select tobaccos that all burn at the same rate.  Astounding. really, after having seen how differently various leaves burn. Some leaves burn up almost immediately upon being lit (seco leaves) and others (ligero) smolder and barely burn at all.  It’s truly a miracle.  Anyway, I’m always impressed with a Liga Privada, and the T52 is no different.  One of the few cigars I’ll spend $10+ dollars on, and I don’t do it often.  An hour and  a half or so of satisfying relaxation in robusto form!


That’s all I have for now.  Don’t forget to get on over and sign the  Whitehouse Petition, if you haven’t already, and keep pestering your elected officials to keep the FDA out of our humidors!

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5 Responses to A Namakubi, a Guillermo Leon and a Liga Privada

  1. Agent 86

    I have a couple room 101’s I can’t identify. They look like the Namakubi, but the band is silver and black.

  2. Agent 86

    Whoops accidentally posted. Bands are silver and black with an Oni mask.

    • Sounds like the Connecticut, it has the band you describe. I don’t see them listed anywhere, but I have one from the event. Could be they are only available at events?

      • Agent 86

        Might be, they were dropped in a five dollar each box. Apparently they’re made up of the cigars that the owner got at the convention and wanted to get rid of.

  3. Paul Tyler

    I haven’t had the other two but that Guillermo Leon Signature stick in that size…the corona gorda, which is a favourite of mine as well… is a real beauty…just picked up a five pack of them…can’t wait to light one up!