A Macanudo Vintage, a La Gloria Cubana and Some Cigar News

A few weeks ago I was in my local cigar shop and I noticed the box of Macanudo Vintage 1997 with two robustos left in it.  I remember seeing the boxes being made when I toured General Cigar’s box factory, and I wanted it.  So I bought the last two sticks and was given the box.  Surprisingly, they were something like $6.99 each, certainly a reasonable price.  After getting in trouble with my wife for bringing home another cigar box, I put it on my night stand to unclutter some of the random electronics that accumulate: cameras, adapters, you know how it is. I put the cigars in the humidor, but those big metal bands they have, as cool as they are, interrupt the orderly flow of the humidor (this is my CDO showing, CDO=OCD in the correct alphabetical order).  The surrounding cigars just don’t seem to lay right around that band! Stupid, I know, but it gave me a god excuse to smoke one of these Monday night and see how they are.  They are good.  Nice and tasty, not too strong, but full of flavor.  This is right up my alley, and the 15 year old broadleaf wrapper held up very well. The band made it a little awkward in the hand, but it was different, and different is good. How do you expect a Macanudo to burn?  Perfect, right?  This one burned perfectly as one would expect.  I waited until it burned down until attempting to remove the band, which was pretty tight and I didn’t want to damage the wrapper more than necessary.  Now I need to figure out what to do with the band.  I gave it to my wife.  It didn’t fit.  Maybe I need to find some tiny napkins to roll up and use for a tiny, fancy place setting?  That’s just silly, I threw it in my band vase and it sunk about half way in.  Still pretty cool, and the cigar was very enjoyable.


Tuesday night’s walk was accompanied by a La Gloria Cubana Serie R Maduro No.5.  I’ve enjoyed these since they came out in 1999, but the last two I’ve smoked seemed really mild to me.  Yes, milder than the aforementioned Macanudo.  I thought the last one was a fluke, but this one was on the mild side too.  I bought a five pack of these at Famous’ store in Easton last December when I visited, remembering a stronger La Gloria, not a milder one.  Am I disappointed? A little.  I can’t help but think I’m just smoking these at the wrong time.  The flavor is great when I get it, perhaps a cool, breezy evening isn’t the best time, I’ll try one again on a nice warm summer evening.  I’ve long admired the La Gloria Cubana line, and certainly won’t let a couple cigars that underwhelm me get in the way of that!



In local news, my Eastern PA fellow cigar lovers will be interested in the following item from the Reading Eagle, which is the Reading PA local paper:

Supervisors approve plans for cigar store, lounge

The Tilden Township supervisors have approved final plans for the building of a cigar store and lounge on one of Cabela’s four commercial parcels just west of Route 61.

Township Manager Cheryl A. Haus said the approval is conditioned on completion of storm water and improvement agreements.

The parcel between Cabela’s and the Red Robin restaurant previously had been purchased for a Holiday Inn Express Hotel, but plans for that failed to materialize, she said.

The new owner is Cigars International of Bethlehem, which Haus said has two stores in the Lehigh Valley.

Haus said the company wants to build a smoking lounge and is trying to get a liquor license for it.

Cigars International moving closer to home, and next to a Cabella’s to boot!  Makes me want to grunt…can’t you just smell the testosterone?


In More News

Head on over to wwws.whitehouse.gov and sign the petition.  Don’t worry about having to sign up, do you think they don’t know how to find you? 🙂   We need to keep making noise about this to our elected officials.  I know I sent my umpteenth letter to my member of the House, Jim Gerlach this week, and I signed this petition today.   Of course, the IPCPR and Cigar Rights of America sites have great tools to easily write to the appropriate people.


That’s about it for this installment, until the next time,





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6 Responses to A Macanudo Vintage, a La Gloria Cubana and Some Cigar News

  1. I love the La Gloria Cubanas such a great cigar. I’ve seen those Macanudos before in my B&M and never picked one up. I figured they were fairly pricey but if you got them for $6 I guess I need to pick them up to check out the price tag!

  2. czerbe

    Thanks for the Reading Eagle Link looks like I may have to head north

    • I knew there would be a limited audience for that piece but I figured it would be good news for some! It will be too far for me to visit regularly, but I’ll make a trip up when it opens!

  3. TriMarkC

    I’ve got two of the Macanudo Vintage 1997’s sitting in my humidor. But they look so good, I’ve been reluctant to try them. Guess I’ll have to cave in and try one soon!