A La Palina, a Recluse, an Oja and a Nub (and a little Oliva too)

I had this great idea that I’d try out the WordPress app on my iPod Touch.  It looked like it would be a handy idea, and I already use that device every day.  I used it for the majority of the videos from IPCPR show which I though turned out pretty good.  Unfortunately,  I ran into a little glitch where it wouldn’t connect and sync with the server, so I decided to abort that idea and do it the old fashioned way.  I could have easily gotten away with not boring you with that story, but I decided to do it anyway!  I’ve smoked a few cigars since Sunday, so here’s the recap.


Sunday evening I was, once again, in the mood for a San Andreas wrapped cigar, so I grabbed the La Palina El Maduro from the IPCPR show. I really wish I could have gotten a few minutes to talk to Bill Paley this year at the show, but both times I went by his booth it was very busy.  Great for them, lousy for me! Considering my affinity for the San Andreas leaf, I was sure I’d enjoy this one.  This is a dark, sweet and spicy cigar, very well made and smoked perfectly. I really enjoyed the heck out of this smoke, it made me happy.


We had a couple days of nice weather, I’ll take 50s and 60s in December any time.  I decided to celebrate with an Iconic Leaf Cigar Co. Recluse Kanu #1.  I got this one at the show as well, and I may not have decided to smoke it if I hadn’t gotten a couple more in the mail recently.  This is a very special cigar, this shape is unique in the industry.  Smoking it was akin to smoking a lancero, it’s a very narrow ring gauge on the ends with a swollen middle.  The box press also makes it unique.  It’s a fun cigar to smoke and it is so full of deliciousness that it’s not funny.  It smokes a little bit different than it’s parejo siblings, which are wonderful cigars, and the Brazilian maduro wrapper is savory.  This is a very nice cigar.


Continuing on the Brazilian maduro theme, I decided to fire up the last Oja Anniversary perfecto that I had on Tuesday. The weather continued to be unseasonable, so I took my usual walk and sat outside when I was done to savor every last bit  of the cigar.  This is another hard to find cigar, but it’s another tasty maduro that’s perfectly constructed.  I first encountered the owner of this brand on my trip to Cigar Safari in March of 2011, Luis was staying at Drew Estate while he was working with Kiki Berger on his cigars.  I’ve enjoyed quite a few of his cigars, but none quite as much as the Anniversary, which he made to celebrate his first year.  It’s a darned good smoke.


On my way home tonight I stopped at a cigar shop that’s on my way home. I’ve been to this shop several times and had mixed experiences.  Since I moved, I actually pass this store every day and today is the first time I’ve stopped in.  I was actually on a special “12 Spectacular Days of Cigar Giveaways”  mission where I met my friend and local Oliva rep Mike.  I picked up a couple of the little Oliva Serie G perfectos and enjoyed one while I waited.  This is a great little smoke and was really enjoyable.  Mike and the folks at Oliva out did themselves, by the way.  Stay tuned for their offerings in the contests starting next week.  When I got home I took my walk with a Nub Cameroon 464T to continue the Oliva and Cameroon theme.  This was a great little smoke, but was gone too soon.  I always joked that these would be better if they were longer, but it’s a great tasting cigar that hit the spot.  I love that special little something that Cameroon leaf brings to a cigar.  There’s a nice, sweet kinda nutty flavor that hits the spot.  It’s not often that I smoke two cigars in an evening, but, in my defense, they were both pretty small.


That’s it for now, as I said above, the 12 Spectacular Days of Cigar Giveaways starts in one week.  I have a lot of work yet to do, but it’s shaping up to be pretty spectacular, so don’t forget to check back every day and enter.  As the kids are saying (and the folks at Montecristo, evidently) it’s going to be “epic”!!


Until the next time,




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  1. czerbe

    Craig nice week buddy, and yes I too enjoyed the warm weather we had last week this crap we have now is for the birds. I still need to get my hands on the Oja and the Iconic I have heard great things. Mainly from you but still i want to give them a shot. Keep at it buddy

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