A La Musa, a Wicked Indie, a Chinnock Cellars and a Prototype

LaMusa_RobustoThursday turned into a rainy evening, and I would have liked to have gotten to a fairly local shop for an event, but I couldn’t manage the energy to get out the door. I took the dog for a quick walk and then settled into my chair in the garage and fired up a La Musa Robusto from Emilio Cigars. This is the first of the re-named version of this cigar I’ve sampled, and it’s every bit as good as the numerous Grimalkin cigars I’ve enjoyed. You may recall that this was re-branded last year, but it remains a terrific smoke.  There’s a complexity and subtlety in this cigar that I appreciate, bright flavors dance around the palate. This was a very enjoyable, finger-burner that really hit the spot.

Gurkha_Wicked Indie_ToroEast India Trading Company is the oldest trademark in the world.  It was purchased a a few years ago by Gurkha Cigars, under which they’ve released some wallet friendly marques, the first of which being the Wicked Indie.  This has been out for a few years and I just got around to picking a few up on my recent visit to Señor Juan‘s in Belmar, NJ.  This was a very enjoyable cigar for me, it was right up the middle as far as strength goes and had nice flavor.  I enjoyed this one while sitting in the garage watching it pour rain.  Sorry, it’s just too much work walking the dog with an umbrella and a cigar.  The dog got a brief walk then I sat down for my smoke.

ChinnockCellars_Terroire_torpSaturday afternoon the rain had stopped and I hit the pavement with a Chinnock Cellars Terroir torpedo which was a gift from @MattSRoss81 when I met him a few months ago.  This is a nice looking cigar from a California wine company of the same name.  It has a neat pewter looking metal band that slid off with a little effort so as not to damage the wrapper. These were blended by Willie Herrera and manufactured at El Titan de Bronze in Miami.  The cigar is nicely built with a light Ecuador wrapper and burned dead even and drew perfectly with only a small snip off the torpedo head.  This is a buttery smooth cigar, and it was a very nice companion for a nice, although overcast afternoon. Thanks again Matt!

WH_Cuadrado_PrototypeAfter a nice dinner of some big ol’ barbecue ribs and corn on the cob, I flossed and decided one Willie Herrera blended cigar wasn’t enough for one day, so I dug out a cigar that I received on my recent Cigar Safari trip.  This was a prototype of a box pressed cigar Willie’s working on, and I have to say it’s a winner. I hope this one makes it into production because as good as the Herrera Esteli is, and it’s very good, I think I liked this better.  The cuadrado press on this 6″ x 50 cigar was very comfortable to smoke as it was rectangular as opposed to square, but not quite tongue depressor thin. The V-cut I gave it was about perfect for the available real estate on the cap and I got a great draw down until I burned my fingers.  It was buttery smooth and loaded with flavor.  Considering my penchant for stronger cigars, this, along with the Chinnock Cellars, were medium bodied, smooth cigars that I really, really enjoyed!

Humidor Update

AdoriniHumidor3I filled it.  I probably could have given it another week, but it looked and felt right so I loaded it up with a selection of La Gloria Cubanas, some Foundrys, a few Macanudo 1968s and a handful of OpusX (just to mix it up a little). I got at least 40 large cigars in there and it appears to be holding steady humidity.  So far, I’ve taken the hygrometer at face value, I may drop a digital unit in just to check it.  I will leave it alone for a couple of weeks and smoke something out of it and really get an idea how its working.  I remain impressed with the Adorini humidor. I like everything about it so far.  One interesting features of this humidor is that it came with plastic label holders that snap on the dividers so one can identify ones inventory. I suppose this would be handy if you had various unbanded cigars, but the dividers, in my opinion, are too short. I have cigars stacked three deep, and the dividers only come up to the second layer.  The system is clever with the slotted interior that not only allows for flexible placement of the dividers, but also increases the airflow by providing channels around the cigars. More to come.

That’s it for today, time to get out there and enjoy this nice Sunday.

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2 Responses to A La Musa, a Wicked Indie, a Chinnock Cellars and a Prototype

  1. George Satterfield


    Glad you took my advice and put tha LGC’s in there and they will be happy with the Opus X’s. That is a beautiful Humidor. Enjoy the rest of your weekend ..


    • I do read and listen to all of the comments even though I am sometimes remiss in answering! Thanks for the input! I suppose I’m going to need more LGCs! I’m looking forward to trying the new Nicaraguan Serie Rs.