A La Aurora, a Visit to CI in Hamburg and a Stogieboys Contest Winner!

It been a busy week and I really haven’t been able to smoke too many cigars. I know, usually when I say that I spew out three or four cigars I’ve enjoyed over the previous couple days, but this time I really mean it.  In the news department, I received word this week that  Cigarfrombrazil.com has relaunched their website  and Wes gave me a discount code to pass on to you to get 10% off your purchases.  Enter MPCGRS10 when you check out.  Wes has been a generous supporter here and the Monte Pascoal cigars are delicious Brazilian puros that are a must-try. Check out the new site and give their cigars a try.  

In some other news, the website
LivingSocial.com, a site similar to Groupon, ran a deal for Gotham Cigars. For $25 you get a voucher that will give you $50 to spend on their site. I’ve gotten deals like this before and I’m a sucker for cheap cigars! I’ll let you know what I end up getting. As of this writing, the deal is good for another 3 or 4 days, and if you use this link, I might get my deal for free! Of course, you too will get a link to share in hopes of getting 3 friends to buy it then you too will get it for free! Its a great deal either way and Gotham has been around quite a while and is a reputable outfit.


LaAurora107_CoronaThursday evening I took a nice little walk with the dog and a La Aurora 107 Corona.  La Aurora is a great company, and they make great cigars. The first box of cigars I ever purchased back in the ’90s was a box of La Aurora Bristol Especiales.  So far, there are only a couple cigars in their lines that I really enjoy, the Cameroon, the Vintage 2003 and that’s about all I can think of.  Something just doesn’t suit my palate right in the majority of La Aurora cigars I smoke.  This 107 was tasty, it was perfectly constructed, and I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t for me (I know, I said I enjoyed it, but I didn’t like it…just because there’s some aspect of the flavor that I don’t care for, it wasn’t offensive, and the experience of smoking a cigar is half the battle here.  As long as I’m not physically repulsed by the flavor, a cigar I don’t like can be a great experience!).  I need to find a 107 Maduro, perhaps that will be more in line with my personal tastes.


Today, Sunday, March 17th, my wife and I are taking a drive up to Cigars International‘s little shop in Hamburg, PA to have a cigar and make some plans for my upcoming surprise birthday party.  I’m hoping to find the new Alec Bradley Filthy Hooligan there to smoke.  I’m leaving tomorrow for a business trip to the Los Angeles area, which I’m not particularly looking forward to, but I’m planning to visit Bo’s Cigar Lounge in Torrance sometime Monday evening around 5:30, so if anyone is in the area stop in and look for me.  I’ll be the guy smoking a cigar!



stogieboysStPatscontestThe folks at StogieBoys.com were very generous in sponsoring this month’s contest!  Thanks to Sheryl for setting the whole thing up!  As usual, I use Random.org to select a winner. This time I need the winner to e-mail me their contact information so that I can pass it on to Sheryl so she can ship you your prize.  There were 45 entries, and the random number generator spewed forth the number 13.  By my calculations Travis is the winner!  Please send me your details.  Thanks to everyone for participating, and check back frequently, one never knows when another contest might pop up!


That’s it for now.  I’m off to the cigar store, then have to pack and get ready for a 6 hour flight tomorrow. I don’t know how you folks who travel for business on a regular basis do it!  Also, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!  Any day that celebrates an anti-snake sentiment is OK by me!


Until the next time,






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3 Responses to A La Aurora, a Visit to CI in Hamburg and a Stogieboys Contest Winner!

  1. Commish

    There was a La Palina Rep at Lake Country Cigars in Delafield Wisconsin last Friday. Had some specials going on. First time I’ve had that brand. Very Nice. The K.B. especially nice.

  2. Thanks for letting us know about the discount opportunity! Looks like I spotted it just in time 😉