A Kuuts Roadking and a Humidor for the Man Who Has Everything

Kuuts_Roadking_RobustoTonight I took my evening walk with a Kuuts Roadking robusto from the  IPCPR show. I spent quite a lot of time talking to Steve Ysidron, the new president of Kuuts, and I can’t talk about a lot of what we discussed. Steve owned the Epicurean brand, and has rolled his Gonzo Santeria and Carnavale brands into the Kuuts portfolio, both of which are excellent cigars. There’s no blend information on the Roadking, but it’s got a great flavor, a lot of sweet tobacco flavor, it’s listed as strong on the website, but I found t to be nicely medium in  strength, very comfortable to smoke, and quite pleasing. Everything I read about this cigar from the trade show indicates some question as to whether this will make it to market. I hope it does, because it’s a very good cigar.


Doettling_tabletop humidor_IFor the man who has everything, and needs a fifty count humidor made by a nearly one hundred year old German luxury safe manufacturer. I received this information from Döttling‘s press office:



The retail price for the humidor in this configuration is 12.000 EUR net.
It is capable of storing up to 50 cigars in 4 completely removable trays made of Spanish cedar.
Besides this the customer can give us his requested dimensions and we built the humidor accordingly.
Prices for larger versions are on request.
Customers can choose from a larger variety of calf leather colours and can determine the stitching colour as well.
For personalisation we offer the stitching of initials or family coat of arms.


Doettling_tabletop humidor_III

Obviously, the price point isn’t for everyone, but if you have an extra $13k lying around, this might be a humidor for you. This is the tabletop version of the humidor that’s included in the company’s Fortress, which has the humidor, precision watch storage that winds the watches, and a safe for your valuables. These are definitely the pinnacle of cigar protection.


That’s all for today, the next post will be Sunday’s post by way of Reykjavik, Iceland. I’ll probably pre-write something and schedule it to post in the event that I am unable to post something directly from there. Until the next time,




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  1. Dan Colley

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you in Reykjavek. That was one of my Dad’s favorite places he went during his WW2 travels. He served on an icebreaker on the Greenland/North Atlantic patrol doing “lifeboat” duty picking up downed ferry pilots who were moving B-17’s to England and also doing cartography work. He often spoke fondly of Iceland.

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