A Joya de Nicaragua Event, an Oceano and a Rocky Patel Cigar

Thursday evening I was headed home after work with the intention of heading out to The Wooden Indian in Havertown, PA  for a Joya de Nicaragua event with Dr. Alejandro Martinez Cuenca, who I first met and got to know at the 2011 IPCPR show.  I was excited for the chance to see Dr. Cuenca again, it’s been a few months.  As I was about a mile from home and my airbag deployed and I felt a yaris vs deer rnd 2 10172014bang, and I see a large buck flying to my left in my mirror.  This was quite a surprise to me, as I never saw the deer, it must have darted out from my left. I can only think that not seeing the buck might have been a good thing as I never swerved, braked, or did anything foolish that may have caused a worse accident.  Long story short, I joya_de_nic_darkcorojo_elMartillodidn’t get to the event, and, after having the car towed and calling the insurance company, it was too late. I decided I needed a Joya de Nicaragua Antaño Dark Corojo El Martillo to get my bearings.  Great cigar, loaded with sweet and spicy flavors. This may be one of my favorite “goto” cigars.  I’ll be interested to see if the car is a total loss or not. The irony is that the house we just bought is on Buck Run Lane.  This was the second deer that’s run into that car in the last eleven  months.


Oceano_IndianFriday I smoked the new offering from my friends at La Sirena Cigar Co., the Oceano. The five sizes in thei line are named after the Oceans, and I smoked the Indian, which is 5½ x 50. This cigar is a beauty, the Dominican Habano Vuelta Arriba wrapper is a nice chocolate color, it has a Dominican Criollo binder and Dominiucan and Nicaraguan fillers with the Visos and Ligeros from the DR and the Seco from Nicaragua, all assembled at the Quesada factory. The big surprise here is that this is a powerhouse of a smoke!  The draw was free and easy, and it burned perfectly. It had some horsepower to it!  This was a great smoke.


RockyPatel_Royale_ToroYesterday we moved some furniture and stuff to the new house and got good and worn out. We’re not even close to beig ready to move in yet, but at least we got some stuff over there. PODS are great, but can get expensive over time.  After we got home I took Macha for a walk with a cigar. I came across a cache of Rocky Patel cigars in the humidor, I guess they’ve been accumulating over the years. The Royale looked tasty so I figured I try it out. This toro has an Ecuador Sumatra wrapper,  Connecticut shade & Connecticut broadleaf double binder and fillers from Condega and Esteli in Nicarauga,  All this combined for a darned tasty smoke!  Rich expresso and cocoa flavors and a nice, straight burn. Rocky has a lot of cigars under his umbrella, and this is one of the best I’ve had. Very enjoyable.


That’s it for today!  Until the next time,








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6 Responses to A Joya de Nicaragua Event, an Oceano and a Rocky Patel Cigar

  1. foozer6976

    count your blessings!! could of been worse, replacing the car is the easy part!

  2. jjo

    I’m glad you’re OK after that run-in with the deer.

    The JdN Dark Corojo seems to suit my taste buds a lot better than the Antaño 1970, and I really liked the new JOYA Red.

  3. PhillyCigarGuy

    Craig, just glad you are OK.

  4. KOPTim

    You mentioned ‘Buck Run’ … my wife noticed a long time ago that developers always name their streets or development with what they just displaced: “Green Tree”, “Deer Creek”, “Gurgling Streams”, “Meadow Lane”, etc. It’s fun reading the names of all these developments with that in mind. Glad you are OK.

  5. Dan Colley

    Wow !!! A near thing, huh? I’m just glad you’re uninjured. As one person said, replacing the car is the easy part. What the heck, a new house calls for a new car to go in that new garage, right?

    Your gift package arrived at my house today and was in excellent shape. That is an awesome collection of cigars you sent !!! Readers, If you win a prize from Craig, you can expect a real treat. My particular prize included two different kinds of Foundry Cigars along with a Joya Red, a La Sirena, a Tortuga 215, and a Roberto Duran. If you go back into CigarCraig archives, you will find Craig’s comments on most if not all of these cigars.

    Thank you, again, for your generosity, Craig. This is a very nice prize !!!

  6. JScott

    Glad to hear you’re ok!

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