A Griffins, a Band and a Tortuga EL and Some News

Thursday was a big day for my youngest son and his band, Air Sur La Terre.  They’ve been playing together for a few short months and are really coming together.  They were interviewed on a local AM radio station in the afternoon, the podcast version can be heard here, and played at an open mike night at a coffee house in the area.  While at the coffee house, I decided to take a Griffins 500 for a little walk down the street to check out a new “smoke shop”.  I walked in, cigar in hand, and asked if smoking was permitted, and was told no.  So I turned around and left.  I noticed two cabinet humidors with what appeared to be a very modest selection of cigars.  They seemed to specialize in roll-your-own and “glass wear”, so you get the impression that premium cigars are not the focus.  Now I know, and don’t have to worry about going there again!  On my way back to the coffee house, I snapped a picture of the Griffins in front of the iconic Colonial Theater in Phoenixville, PA.   This theater was immortalized in the classic 1953 movie ” The Blob”.  The kids put on a great two song set, they have videos (I took them with my iPod, so please forgive the quality) as well as their single, “Fade Away” on their website.  The cigar is a classic Connecticut shade wrapped cigar with plenty of flavor and a perfect burn.


Tortuga Edicion Limitada 2011 Torpedo that Victor Vitale had sent me a while back.  The EL 2011 is made in the Dominican Republic with Honduran and Dominican fillers and Nicaraguan wrapper and binder.  It’s a pretty cigar, they wrapper is dark and a little mottled and it’s rolled with a very pointy head.  Draw and burn were very nice, although it needed a few touch ups here and there which can be contributed as much to the breeze as the cigar.  It had a really good flavor, and was solidly medium in strength to me.  If you can find these, try them.  I will admit that of the three cigars in this line, the EL 2011, 1948 Connecticut and 1950 Maduro, the EL was third on the list behind the Connecticut and Maduro, with the 1950 Maduro being my absolute favorite.  The Connecticut and Maduro each had unique flavors that really distinguished themselves to me, and the Edicion Limitada while an excellent cigar, didn’t hit me with any of those surprises.  This is an exceptional line which deserves your consideration, and Victor is a terrific guy, and I appreciate the opportunity to try these special cigars.



On the cigar event side, Butthead’s Tobacco Emporium announced that they are going to host a series of cigar events in their stores in Connecticut which they will stream live video from and offer the same deals to their on-line customers.  This is a pretty cool way to see what’s going on at the events if you can’t get to them yourselves, or live someplace where there are few events.  You can see the press release for this at Cigar Coop’s site here, and here is a sample promo video for your entertainment.

More News

In other news, You may recall a month or so ago I posted an article about the IPCPR‘s Internet Media Membership.  I’m pleased to announce that the organization had decided to change the membership in such a way that the benefits are more equal to the other membership levels.  I still need to figure out the details, but it looks like I’ll be attending the show.  Thanks to last year’s media members for their contributions and to Bill Spann and the board for their consideration.  Also, I’d like to welcome a new sponsor,  BnB Tobacco to CigarCraig.com.  They have a great selection and prices, so check them out the next time you shop.


That’s it for now, until the next time,




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  1. Lloyd L.

    You’re a mover and a shaker, Craig! Nice to see that your voice was heard.

  2. czerbe

    Sounds like you had a nice weekend. I haven’t tried the Tortuga yet or any of the Griffins but I have heard great things. One day we will have to catch up and smoke a few.

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