A Gran Habano, a Broadway Series and a Contest Winner!

Sunday was a beautiful day. I slept in a bit after working at my part time job until 3am, went out to breakfast with my lovely wife, then came home to have a nice cigar before settling in to watch the Flyers playoff game. I had a Gran Habano Gran Reserva torpedo floating around the humidor that one of my loyal readers had shared with me. Todd at Kutztown Tobacconist  recommended this same cigar to me, so it looked like a good cigar for a nice afternoon. It turns out, I made a good choice. The cedar sleeve came off and underneath was a nice, clean wrapper leaf, very pretty. It was smooth, well balanced and flavorful. It went well with the bottle of Appalachian Brewery Ginger Beer, which I found to be a little sweeter than I’d prefer, but a nice, tasty ginger beer. I still prefer the bite of a nice Reeds Extra Ginger Brew, but this one is a nice change of pace. The Flyers game was fantastic…


Monday I selected a Broadway Series by La Aurora, which was a gift from my bro Barry Stein, formerly of acigarsmoker.com, currently of Miami Cigar and Co. First, let me say that I really like the La Aurora Company, and Miami Cigar And Co. All the folks involved with these companies are top-notch. I have smoked La Aurora cigars for years, the first box of cigars I ever purchased was La Aurora Bristol Especiales back around 1996. There’s something about the flavor profile of a lot of the cigars from La Aurora that just doesn’t float my boat. I don’t quite know what it is, the construction is always excellent, and they generally burn well. I’ve had this cigar before, which was made by La Aurora for the New York tobacconists to be able to sell at a reasonable price in their high-tax environment. I like it. Maybe I’m starting to “get” the flavor profile from La Aurora, there were several times when I got a flavor that caught my interest. Really nice smoke, if you can find these, try a few. I’ll keep trying the cigars from these companies for sure. Thanks again to Barry for the smoke!






It’s Wednesday, and I promised to announce the winner of Sunday’s contest. I was surprised by the number of entries, thank you all for reading and leaving a note. So I’ve consulted the great Random.org’s random number generator and it tells me that comment number 5  is the winner.  Doug Bryant:  please e-mail me with your address so I can get these goodies out to you!  Many thanks to the companies who, either directly or indirectly, made this contest possible!   Camacho, Joya de Nicaragua/Drew EstateStogieBoys.comGurkhaOlivaThe GriffinsJoya de Nicaragua, and General Cigar Co.  As promised, a similar, but doubled, package will go to Cigars4Troops.


That’s it for now, until the next time,





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9 Responses to A Gran Habano, a Broadway Series and a Contest Winner!

  1. Swede214

    Congrats Doug, enjoy!

  2. Lloyd L.

    Glad you enjoy the GH#3 Gran Reserva, which may be my favorite from their lineup. I also like the Azteca and I’m hoping to secure a box of the STK Opium or Barracuda.
    I wanted to win this one, particularly for the JdN hat (I love cigar gear), but congrats to Doug!

  3. Jeff

    Doug stole my lottery ticket, I swear!!!!! lmao
    Congratulations dear friend. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy (nor a better brother of the leaf). Good job, Craig. C4T’s will need a boost.

  4. Doug Bryant

    Wow! Thanks guys and Thank you Craig! This comes at a very opportune time as I’ve been out of work for about 8 months and the funds for cigars have been pretty slim. This looks like a really sweet prize pack too! I’m a huge DE fan so the hat and cutter are very cool too!

  5. Freakboy791

    Thanks, Craig! — Congrats, Doug! Looking forward to another one.

  6. Tommy Berry (quo155)

    Congratulations Doug!

    Great contest Craig…and great reviews, as always!

  7. Gratz to the winner, I love the Broadway maduro

  8. I received this message from Chris at Cigars4Troops:

    WOW I just got home from our trip and the mailman pulled up with the cigar package. Thank you for the support of the troops through us. Cigars4Troops has sent thousands of cigars to troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. We are now receiving requests from Africa and the military hospitals which we will support. Our mission is to supply cigar based care packages to the troops serving in area’s where they can not get good cigars and we have started giving out care packages to troops in military hospitals. It is a passion of ours to take care of the troops as long as we receive requests. !00% of what we receive is sent to the troops. As always I have been providing cigars and accessories along with shipping out of my own pocket as my way to who the appreciation to the troops who give so much for us.

    I want to thank you personally for sending the cigars and cutters which will be sent to the troops in our next shipment. We have had a recent loss in donors and sponsors but I am working hard to get more onboard. I also want to thank you for the cigars you sent for me. I will certainly enjoy them and think of you as I wish we could smoke one together. Who knows now day we just may have the chance. Again Sir Thank you for your support!

    Chris Taylor
    Founder and Owner

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