A CroMagnon, a Berger and Argenti and a Video

Over the weekend I took a CroMagnon Anthropology out for a walk. This cigar was given to me in Vegas by Skip Martin, the brand owner. The cigar was unbanded, and had a nice, oily Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper.  I really like the gran corona size, at 5¾ x 46, it’s just about the perfect size.  The cigar burned perfectly and had a full flavor that strikes me just right.  I always enjoy the flavor from a Cameroon binder, I think it adds a nice sweet component to the blend.  Thank you, Skip, for the opportunity to enjoy this cigar and I wish you the best of luck with this and future endeavors!


Tuesday evening was was such a nice, pleasant fall evening that I wanted a nice big cigar.  I had been eying a Berger and Argenti Entubar Quad Maduro torpedo that I brought back from the IPCPR show, as I had enjoyed the regular Entubar as well as the Mooch and Classico lines.  I have to say that I was sorely disappointed with this cigar.  It had some difficulty burning properly and the dark, rich flavors I expected from this cigar didn’t really kick in until the last couple of inches.  Once it got near the band it came close to meeting my expectations, but by that time I was a little annoyed with the effort.  I have another that I will try at a later date.  I did get a bit of a nicotine hit near the end, which wasn’t unexpected.


I threatened to sprinkle in some videos and stuff from the General Cigar trip, so here is a few minutes of our tour of one of the tobacco warehouses.  This was an amazing facility, with bales of tobacco stacked to the ceiling.  Edmundo Garcia, General Cigar’s Tobacco Operations Manager, took us through the facility.  Once again, the audio isn’t great, but it’s an interesting visual experience.  You will notice some bright lights here and there with what look like white boxes, these are tobacco beetle traps and are monitored quite closely.  Imagine a beetle outbreak among this multi-million dollar inventory?



That’s it for now, please go back to the last post and enter the contest.  I’ve added some cigars to the package, a Liga Privada T52 Belicoso, a Monte Pascoal Belicoso, and an American Eagles Half Corona.  Who knows what else may end up in there…I’m weird that way…so go back and leave a comment, I’ll announce a winner on Sunday!

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3 Responses to A CroMagnon, a Berger and Argenti and a Video

  1. Agent 86

    I really love the look of the Berger and Argenti Entubar Quad Maduro.

  2. I think the rough look of the CroMagnon is an interesting visual appeal, particularly considering its construction is anything but rough. Nice toasty flavors too.