A Couple Pre-Release Cigar Samples and the Final Hoyo de Monterrey Contest!

Victor Vitale, the man behind Ortsac 1962, Tortuga and others, sent a few pre-release samples my way a few weeks ago. I wanted to smoke them and give him my input before I ran into him at the IPCPR show and he said something along the lines “what about those cigars I sent you, you mooching weasel?” So I started with the sizable 7″ x about 54 box pressed parejo.  If I had to guess, I’d say it had a Habano wrapper, and was predominantly Nicaraguan.  It really was an attractive cigar, and it burned perfectly.  It was solidly medium in strength, but loaded with flavor.  It burned a little quicker than I would have thought, and I’ve been smoking much slower in the last few years.  I think I got an hour and a half out of this, including a lap around the neighborhood with the dog.  All in all, I really liked this smoke. It was well balanced and flavorful.  A perfect way to wrap up a Friday.


Saturday I selected the San Andreas Maduro from the same batch of cigars from Victor.  I fully expected to smoke this one first, given my affinity for that wrapper.  However, the San Andreas is a 5 x 50 (it might have been 5½) and I had more time available Friday evening for the larger smoke.  I like to take into account the time I have when I select a cigar, and it’s a rare occasion that I smoke anything longer than six inches.  This cigar had an unusual color, and I have to say that it wasn’t a really appealing shade for a maduro.  It was almost dark grey, instead of a very rich, deep brown like I’m used to seeing on this wrapper.  None the less, it was delicious. It was incredibly smooth and almost creamy.  It didn’t have any sharp edges at all and was a delight to my palate.  It had a uniqueness that set it apart from other San Andreas Maduro cigars, like Victor’s Tortuga Maduro is unique, but in a different way.  I know that sounds redundant,  but I can’t figure out another way to say it. I have one more cigar that he sent, another 5 x 50 that’s labeled as a Habano Rosado wrapper, with Nicaraguan filler and binder.  It will be interesting to see if this is the same blend as the first cigar in a different size, or  the second cigar with a different wrapper.  Victor tells me that he doesn’t know what these will be yet, but whatever they end up being, they will be excellent!  I appreciate the opportunity to try them!



Today starts the fifth and final week of my Hoyo de Monterrey Reposado en Cedros contest.  Hoyo de Monterrey’s Box-a-Day contest runs through Tuesday.  As I said before, I can’t promise when I will announce the winner, as I’ll be driving to Orlando on Wednesday and Thursday, and I’ll be dependent upon WIFI connections while I’m on the road.  I will announce a winner eventually, so leave me some comments for a chance to win two (2) three-packs of Reposado en Cedros cigars, courtesy of General Cigar Co.  Usual rules apply, if you’ve won one of my contests in the last three months you’re ineligible.  It’s also important to note that in order to receive the prize, you must get in touch with me with your mailing address!


So that’s it for now, stay tuned for IPCPR coverage starting sometime around the end of the week.





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  1. Charles Moffatt

    I just started following your site, and it seems that you review some cigars that I have never seen or heard of before. It’s amazing how much variety there is. If only I had the time and money to try them all! Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for following along, Charles! I’m sure there will be a few more cigars you haven’t heard of in the coming weeks! Variety is the spice of life, they say, and there is a lot of variety out there, much of which you may never see on your tobacconist’s shelves.

  2. Lloyd l.

    Have fun at the IPCPR, Craig! Man, I’d love to experience being there.

  3. Jerry

    I’m in. Don’t smoke too much!

  4. Agent 86

    Have a great time at the convention.

  5. Nathan Zimmerman

    Have a great time at IPCPR Craig. Say hello to Christian For me…I look forward to trying the CLE cigars and look forward to your impression of them.

  6. jjo

    I haven’t had a chance to try any of Victor’s cigars yet, but I have seen interviews and have been impressed by him.
    I look forward to seeing what you have to say about IPCPR.

  7. FF184

    I agree with the previous comments, it’s great to read about cigars that I haven’t heard of before. Thanks!

  8. jimbobber

    I haven’t sampled any new (to me) maduros in a while. That San Andreas Maduro is sure looking good right now.

  9. Storm Boen

    As always, enjoy reading your blog, I especially liked this one alot bro. NICE WORK!! Keep it up my friend

  10. Freakboy791

    Have a good time at the show Craig. I am jealous!

  11. Duane Holmes

    Another great contest Craig! Thanks and enjoy IPCPR!

  12. czerbe

    I gotta get my hands on these

  13. Zigarboy

    Smoke it up at the IPCPR!

  14. The Commish

    Enjoy the updates and hope to get in on the Free-Be’s!

  15. Tomas

    Interesting, what will come out of these unbranded ones.

  16. Wil Sawers

    Thanks for the regular updates.

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