A Casa Magna, a Partagas 1845 and a Villiger – Now it’s Too Darned Cold for Cigars!

Over the last two days the temperatures have dropped significantly here, into the teens and single digits.  This, of course, means it’s time for smaller cigars, or worse, no cigars at all!  Now here’s the dilemma: the smaller the cigar, the harder it is to hold while wearing gloves!  So I got to thinking, maybe I’m going at this wrong.  Maybe I should smoke some larger cigars that are easier to manage with gloves?  Well, that sounds good on paper, but then you get into a great cigar and you don’t want to put it down!  Then you have to be outside longer and freeze more (or burn through more bottled LP gas in a barely adequate heater).  So I’m torn between the small cigar I can’t smoke all of because my fingers will freeze, or potentially  wasting a larger cigar and/or freezing my ass off in addition to my fingers!  Then there are some smaller cigars that I don’t want to waste in the cold!  Cigars that I know will have some complexity that’s lost in the cold air. You’d think a Nub would be a good choice, but they too can be unwieldy with gloves on. And what if you like mittens?  You’re screwed trying to smoke a cigar wearing mittens. Seriously, I can handle about 30 degrees without any wind or precipitation pretty comfortably, but once the mercury drops lower than that, or it’s windy,  it’s too damned cold and I really can’t enjoy the experience as much.    That’s my rant to today, now on to some tasty smokes!!


CasaMagna_DomusMagnus_PrimusPrevious paragraph aside, Sunday was a almost balmy January day with temps near 50.  After the Flyers lost once again, I took Puccio (that’s the dog, we call her Pooch) for a nice walk with a cigar that the fine folks at StogieBoys.com sent me to smoke, a Casa Magna Domus Magnus Primus.  This cigar is a beauty.  It’s 6½” x 55 with a nice box press.  The cap is finished with a neat little pigtail which is a nice presentation that I, for some reason, always like, but you have to cut the thing off to smoke the cigar so it doesn’t add too much to the smoking experience.  Beautiful cigar with a lovely sun grown wrapper adorned with a very classy band as well as a foot band.  So we’ve established that it’s a good looking stick, and I’m happy to say that it’s a great tasting stick as well.  It burned perfectly to a tiny nub and had a very rich and meaty flavor that was mouth coating and quite satisfying.  I quickly forgot how upset I was with the Flyers and got lost in the cigar, it’s that kind of smoke.  It was like a great steak, it was that satisfying.  I’ve only smoked a couple of the Casa Magnas and this, by far, is the best one I’ve had, and is a cigar I can’t wait to smoke again! Thanks to Sheryl and the folks at StogieBoys.com!


Partagas1845_PCTwenty-four hours later and it’s gone from pretty comfortable for January to pretty darned cold!!  I decided it was the perfect time to smoke a nice, little Partagas 1845 Corona Extra.  This is a great size regardless of the weather.  It’s 4½ x 46, which is a good inch shorter than what I think of when I think Corona Extra, but I like the size anyway. I received a four cigar sampler quite a while ago from General Cigar Co. and really enjoyed the middle two sizes, saving the smallest and largest cigars for the right time (the largest is a 7¼” x 54 Double Corona that just seems enormous).  While the draw was a little snug on this little cigar, it had a very enjoyable flavor like it’s larger siblings and burned well.  I smoked it to a finger freezing nub (see above), it was good.  This is another cigar that has that dense, meaty delicious smoke that hits the spot for me.  Very nice, I am surprised this one didn’t have more of a push at the IPCPR show, I can’t actually remember it being prominently featured in their booth (I’ll go back through the pictures, I’m probably wrong…).


VilligerExport_SampleLast night was the coldest yet, and the dog was pestering me for a walk, so I grabbed a Villiger Export Maduro for a short walk.  This is a machine made “dry cured” little square pressed cigar that has long been a favorite.  I guess it gets cold in Switzerland, so it makes sense to smoke one of these in the cold!  Another advantage is that these don’t need to be kept in a humidor, so they don’t fall victim to some of the nastiness that can occur when moisture meets cold air!  These are like little chocolate bars, it’s hard not to just eat them when you peel off the paper wrapping, but don’t, these taste better when smoked.  I actually hadn’t had the maduro before now, the natural has been an old standby for years.  I liked the maduro just fine, and will smoke them interchangeably with the naturals because I don’t get a whole lot of difference.  Nice smoke, didn’t last the ¾ mile walk, which is good because I couldn’t wait to get inside to watch the Flyers lose once again.  These are great little quick smokes you can leave in your glovebox or desk drawer.  Highly recommended.


So that’s what I have for now.  I hope the darned weather warms up a little before long!  I know, I shouldn’t complain, there’s a lot of places colder, wetter, snowier, rainier than it is here, but I complain, what can I say.


Until the next time,




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16 Responses to A Casa Magna, a Partagas 1845 and a Villiger – Now it’s Too Darned Cold for Cigars!

  1. Dennis

    Love the reviews and I feel your pain with the cold. Whew.

  2. jjo

    Craig, thanks for reminding me that days in the 40’s and nights at the freezing point are not all that bad. 🙂 Since you live nearby, wouldn’t Cabelas have shooting gloves that would be dextrous enough to handle a smaller cigar? Just a thought. Keep warm!

  3. freakboy791


    If it makes you feel any better, the last couple nights I’ve had to sit in my shed for a cigar with a small electric heater positioned under my chair. The only other warmth was from the whisky. Take care!

    • I need a smoking shed! The 2 sheds we have now are filled with lawn furniture and motorcycles 🙂 Sheds and basements are out. The garage still provides shelter from time to time when the weather is unbearable.

  4. paul1954

    I’m feeling your pain in Green Bay – no Packers, no Cigars.

  5. good little reviews. i enjoyed the one casa magna i’ve had but got sick immediately after. it was weird because it didn’t feel like a strong cigar when i was smoking it.

    • Next time you start feeling that nicotine sickness coming on get some sugar in you. A soda, candybar, even a packet of straight sugar. Of course, if you are diabetic or hypoglycemic, consult your physician before taking this advice!

  6. Doblemaduro

    Baby it’s cold outside! (imagine Bing Crosby singing it)

  7. Ray Holthaus

    Hey Craig,
    A couple of things to try….latex gloves or a Cigar Minder would maybe work with mittens.
    The machine made “dry cured” cigars sound interesting – how do they compare to a handmade?

    • The mittens thing was one of those things that sounded funnier in my head than it came out. I do think that there are mittens with an index finger that would work. I’ll look at Cabelas as previously suggested. Not all “dry cured” cigars are equal, but the Villiger Export will be as close to a premium hand rolled cigar as you are likely to find in terms of smokability and flavor. Something that must be tried.

  8. The Commish

    Know your pain! Hasn’t been above 5 last 5 days. Hoping to get Joel S. to get the propane burner set up tomorrow in his garage. Get new suggestions.

  9. czerbe

    This weather Sucks!!!!!! That is all enjoy your Friday!

  10. The Katman

    How can you live in such cold and not have a basement? We are getting the same weather here in Milwaukee..single digits and lower with wind chill.
    My basement is nice and cozy with a big overstuffed chair, big TV, coffee table and all the acoutrement’ for smoking.
    I just bought, and received, the Casa Magna Domus Magnus Primus. Of course, I had to buy mine. I think I shall smoke one this afternoon.
    Nice review and commentary.

  11. Rick Bruce

    Lol. I was just thinking the exact same thought. here in northern pa it’s been bitter cold and I don’t have an inside smoke spot. Here’s to warmer weather!