A Camacho Corojo Candela for St. Patrick’s Day – March 17, 2010

I know, I just mentioned smoking a Camacho Corojo Candela Monarca last week, but it’s St. Patty’s Day!  This box of cigars has been very consistent.  The draw is very loose, so I started out piercing the cap with a Cigar Spike, then gave it a traditional cut after the hole started to tar up.  The same full flavor, with that tinge of chlorophyll from the emerald green wrapper.  Very heavy, yet refreshing at the same time. Sadly, I’m down to my last 5 or 6 of these.

There was a very good article on Cigar Aficionado‘s website from back in 2003 about candela cigars.  It’s worth a read: http://www.cigaraficionado.com/Cigar/CA_Archives/CA_Show_Article/0,2322,1251,00.html

I’ve been nursing a cold for the past few days, but it’s subsided a bit, at least enough to enjoy a cigar.  I got to thinking that I’ve never really celebrated St. Patty’s day.  I’m not particularly religious, and I’m not particularly Irish, but, as a huge snake hater, I have a great deal of respect for anyone who can clear an entire country of snakes.  I like that.

One last thing:  I’m still waiting to hear from this month’s contest winner, Sebastian.  If I don’t hear from him by March 31, I’ll have to award the prize to the runner-up.  Sebastian, please e-mail me your address!  There’s a fine 5 pack of JdN Antaños courtesy of Drew Estate on the line!

That’s it for now, until the next cigar,




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2 Responses to A Camacho Corojo Candela for St. Patrick’s Day – March 17, 2010

  1. dj

    Go, Sebatstian: go go Sebastian!

  2. I’ve been meaning to try the candela! This looks very good.