A Cain and a Villiger La Capitana or Two

Tuesday evening I took my walk with a Cain Daytona robusto.  I was in the mood for a great cigar, and haven’t gone wrong with the Daytona, it’s strong enough so you know it’s there, but not so much that it makes the room spin!  I find the Daytona to be the best in the line, although I enjoy all of the Cain line, assuming they’ve had some time to rest in my humidor.  They can be pretty heavy, but almost always have great flavor.  I have some Daytona Lanceros that I’m saving for a time when the weather is perfect and I can enjoy them without distraction.  Good cigars, perfect construction and I still can’t figure out how they get al that ligero to burn so well!


Wednesday I selected a new cigar that was provided to me by the fine folks at Villiger.  The cigar is called La Capitana, and the samples I smoked were robustos.  These have a really pretty, oily, reddish wrapper.  When I put the cigar in my mouth before lighting I tasted something that I hadn’t tasted in many, many years.  Don’t laugh, and I don’t mean this in a bad way, but the unlit flavor was that of RedMan or Beechnut chewing tobacco.  I know, I know….but that’s what I tasted!  I haven’t chewed since my misspent youth experimenting with various tobacco products.  I don’t think I’ve chewed tobacco since discovering girls…it’s not an attractive quality, chicks don’t dig it!  So tonight I had to smoke another one just to be sure.  Yup, same flavor. Once lit the cigar has a bit of the sweetness that the cold draw had, and was a very nice and interesting cigar.  The second sample gave me some burn problems, but I attribute that to the wind and the fact that I tried a punch on this one which I quickly abandoned, it caused a really bad tunnel and wasn’t the best idea from the get go.  Of course, it’s much easier to punch first, then cut than the other way around.  My biggest complaint with this cigar is the band.  It’s nice enough, but is utterly lacking in text, there’s no way to know what it was, and I had trouble remembering the name.  The design is nice, but to my old eyes it requires a magnifying glass to see the detail.  Villiger has a nice cigar here, but needs to work on the band.  I love the look of the wrapper, very pretty, a winner if priced and packaged right.  I really appreciate the opportunity to try these new cigars.


That’s all I have for now, until the next time,




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  1. TriMarkC

    I too love the Cain Daytona, and for the same reasons you state – it has great flavor, and is strong enough (I’d call it the high end of medium) to get yoru attention but not enough to make you regret it.

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