A Brick, a San Lotano and a La Aurora and Some News

The second half of my week started with taking a walk with my youngest son and his dog. A few weeks ago Sheryl at StogieBoys.com sent me a few samples of various vitolas of The Brick Box Press by Toraño. All three of these sizes were pretty large for me for cold weather, so I grabbed the smallest one, a 5½x60 “Robusto” that appears smaller due to the square press.  The other two cigars were a torpedo and Churchill, both longer than I wanted for a cold evening. I had first experienced this brand back in 2004 when my wife and I held a cigar event at the Freehold Raceway in New Jersey. The folks at Toraño were very generous and sent a bundle of Brick torpedoes along with a box of Exodus 1959 to give to the attendees and at the time I thought it was a decent bundle cigar.  Really nothing memorable, but not a bad cigar. I enjoyed this box pressed version, it wasn’t incredible, just a quality cigar at a reasonable price. The 60 ring gauge in the box press was very manageable.  It burned well and while one dimensional, it had a pleasing flavor.  I’ll smoke the larger sizes as the opportunity arises,  I neither like to freeze my buns off for two hours nor waste a cigar putting it down prematurely. Thanks again to Sheryl at StogieBoys.com for providing me with samples and for working with CigarCraig.com.


Friday evening I grabbed a cigar I purchased a few weeks back at Total Tobacco in Newtown Square, PA.  You should know after reading a little bit that I am a self-proclaimed cheap bastid.  When I visited this store on it’s grand opening I picked up some cigars that I hadn’t tried and I don’t see everywhere.  One of those cigars was this San Lotano Oval Maduro robusto.  I love the Oval, I love the San Lotano Maduro so I felt compelled to shell out nearly $10 (ouch) to try this cigar that surely would be a home run.  Obviously, the shape is unique, and very comfortable in the hand and mouth.  The cigar was pretty terrific, but it wasn’t really that much more terrific than the regular San Lotano Maduro that I could justify the up-charge.  This is just my opinion, mind you, the Oval IS a terrific cigar, the draw was effortless and it was loaded with all of the dark, rich flavors that I love.  Just for me, for a couple bucks less I’m happier with the regular maduro.  I’m happy I took the plunge and gave it a try, we have to do that from time to time.  There can be no doubt that A.J. Fernandez is a superstar in the cigar world. As an aside, I have never been quite so proud as when he thanked me for doing what I do in English, which is not a language in which he is fluent.


Saturday was a pretty nice day, the temperatures were back in line with what they should be this time of year, perhaps a little warmer. My wife and I spent a fun afternoon babysitting out 1½ year old granddaughter, so we were pretty worn out!  After dinner I selected a La Aurora robusto from the IPCPR show that was nice and dark.  I wasn’t sure what this was to begin with, I thought it looked maduro, but I wasn’t sure.  My bro Barry from Miami Cigar and Co. suggested it looked like the new Cameroon line, which it turned out being, of course.  I was thrown off by the appearance and the flavor.  This didn’t look like a Cameroon wrapper, it was dark and smooth, I expect a milk chocolate brown with lots of tooth.  The flavors were deep and dark, maduroish, not the signature Camerooniness that I know and love.  This will sound strange, but I love the La Aurora brand, but I’m often not fond of many of their cigars.  generally there’s a little something that doesn’t appeal to me.  However, this Cameroon was awesome.  The best La Aurora cigar I’ve ever had.  It was rich, complex and loaded with flavor.  I smoke a lot of different cigars, and it’s rare that I have one that compels me to want a box, but this one is the one.  The worst part about it was that it was too short.  DAMN it was a great smoke!



Not to knock off ACigarSmoker.com‘s Sunday links, here are a couple links that caught my eye this week:

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It’s supposed to be a nice day here in PA, so I’m off to see what kind of trouble I can get into.  Happy Veterans Day in the US and Armistice Day or Remembrance Day in other parts of the world. Smoke a nice cigar today and dedicate it to all who have served.


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  1. freakboy791

    Craig. That Total Tobacco store is a money pit, so to speak. I went in for a cigar and left with a bagful! lots of boutiques. My weakness.