A 1502 Ruby, a Pinolero from AJ Fernandez and a Couple of Ortega Cigars

I’ve been working tirelessly on this years 12 Spectacular Days of Cigar Giveaways this weekend, getting the daily posts drafted, taking pictures, shaking down sponsors, you know the drill.  If you weren’t totally impressed last year, you should be this time around.  I think it will be the biggest CigarCraig.com contest to date.  Stay tuned, the madness all starts bright and early on December 12, 2012.  Subscribe to my e-mail list, follow me on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on the goings on.  You don’t want to hear any more about how to get free stuff, so on to some cigars I’ve smoked this week.


First up is a 1502 Ruby from Global Premium Cigars.  This is a Nicaraguan company that’s being distributed by Gary Griffith of Emilio Cigars.  Gary sent me some to try recently.  Gary has been going crazy in the distribution area, he just picked up the Ezra Zion lines, which is good because they are tasty smokes and now I know a local place to pick some up!  I loved the 1502 Black Gold, it is a maduro that’s right up my alley.  This Ruby has what I believe to be an Ecuador Habano wrapper and is also a fantastic smoke.  It’s rich and tasty and very satisfying.  So far the 1502 cigars I’ve smoked have been winners in my book.  The Owner of this company, Enrique Sanchez seems to be out and about visiting stores and doing it right. I hope I have a chance to catch up with him one of these days.


When I was at the Delaware Cigar Festival in September I was speaking with Kris Katchaturian and AJ Fernandez and Kris provided me with a couple of their new cigar, the Pinolero.  I’ve been hearing and reading about this cigar, and the word on the street seemed to be that this was a really strong cigar.  I don’t mind strong cigars, but I don’t really need to be knocked on my butt. I like to be able to stand up without falling over when I’m finished a cigar.  I didn’t find this cigar as curiously strong as I had been led to believe  but it was an awesome smoke.  Well balanced and perfectly made, I was very happy with this cigar.  If you come across these and like stronger cigars, give it a try.


Friday night calls for a tried and true favorite to celebrate the beginning of the weekend. I have trouble keeping my hands off the Ortega Serie D Maduros in my humidors, so that’s what I selected.  I consider Eddie Ortega a friend of mine, and I’ve always enjoyed cigars in which he’s been involved.  When his Serie D was released with a San Andreas Maduro wrapper I knew it was going to be a perfect fit for my palate.  I smoked the No.7, which is 5″ x 46, which is one of my favorite sizes.  So far I haven’t really decided on a favorite size, they’ve all been spectacular.  Rich and dark, like the high percentage cocoa chocolate bars that are out there.  Have you ever had a 70% cocoa bar with jalapeños?  It’s not as spicy as all that but it’s awfully good.  One of my favorite cigars this year for sure, I could smoke these all the time and be a happy camper.


Of course, I had to smoke an Ortega Serie D Natural on Saturday.  I’d actually forgotten that I have smoked the natural before, it turns out it was in September and I noted that it showed signs of youth.  I smoked the No 10 last night and it was exceptional. It’s a belicoso shaped cigar, 6″ x 52 with a Habano Rosado wrapper that is quite attractive.  This is also an awesome cigar.  For my personal tastes, if this is awesome, then the maduro is super awesome, but that’s just me.  I really enjoyed the flavor and perfect burn and draw, and I smoked it to a finger burning nub.  Another “D”elicious cigar from Eddie Ortega, a way-cool guy who makes awesome smokes.  I may have to dig around and see if I have any more hidden in the humidors.


That’s about it for now, I have to plan a “12 Days” recon mission today to pick up some more fabulous prizes. Enjoy your Sunday!


Until the next time,

Cigar Craig



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6 Responses to A 1502 Ruby, a Pinolero from AJ Fernandez and a Couple of Ortega Cigars

  1. Craig, thank you once again for your kind words, and I would be please to have the chance to meet you in person

  2. Swede214

    Just one more enjoyable read, thanks.

  3. czerbe

    Hey Craig great weekend there I love the Ortega D I haven’t had the natural yet but its sure to find my humi at somepoint, have you been back to the CI store yet?

  4. Duane Holmes

    Hey Craig, I had the pleasure of meeting Enrique Sanchez at the Tweetup in Chattanooga. We talked a good while about the 1502 cigars and the difference in , not only the wrappers but the blends themselves. Enrique is sociable and always seems to have time for anyone interested in his cigars. The 1502 is a flavorful and quality cigar across the whole line. Enrique made sure that I received a couple sticks of each blend before I left. Another great BOLT with another great new cigar.